Art of ASMR – Featured ASMR artists

What is an ASMR artist?

An ASMR artist (AKA ASMRtist) is anyone who creates something to stimulate ASMR, to represent ASMR, or is inspired by ASMR.

ASMR artists and ASMR art cover many diverse fields, platforms, methods, and mediums of artistic expression.  See a full list of examples HERE.

ASMR artists on YouTube

ASMR video artists (AKA ASMR content creators) on YouTube and other video platforms are the most common and popular ASMR artists.

The birth and rise of ASMR video artists started on YouTube, you can see a list of the very first ASMR artists on YouTube from 2009-2012 HERE.

Currently Featured ASMR artist

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Recently Featured ASMR artists

Interviews with the first 3 ASMR artists

Interviews with other ASMR Artists

Interested in creating your own ASMR videos or ASMR audio?

Click HERE to read tips from Dr. Richard and several ASMR artists about creating ASMR-inspired productions.

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