Meet AndreawhisperingASMR, the ASMRtist on YouTube who wrote her B.A. thesis on ASMR and advertising

Andrea Rovira lives in Spain and has recently graduated from the Istituto Europeo Design in Italy with a BA in Fashion, Marketing, & Communication.

Andrea has also been creating ASMR videos for her YouTube channel, AndreawhisperingASMR, since September, 2019.  She has created about 100 ASMR videos so far and has grown her channel to have over 41,000 followers.

Additionally, Andrea has recently completed her undergraduate dissertation titled, “The Role of ASMR in Future Advertising.”  Her dissertation is the best organized and most visually appealing one I have ever seen – a true testament to her natural skills and the knowledge acquired from her Marketing and Communication training.

I interviewed Andrea and she shared her most challenging aspects of creating ASMR videos, her tips for new artists creating ASMR videos, and the curious things she discovered while writing her thesis about ASMR and advertising.

Below are my questions in bold, her replies in italics, and a link to her ASMR YouTube Channel, as well as, a link to her complete dissertation.

What inspired you to create ASMR videos?

I started watching ASMR in 2016 because I had back pain and I searched for videos online that taught me how to massage my back.  I then I stumbled upon an ASMR massage video and I felt so many tingles, as if the person getting the massage was me instead of the one in the video.

Afterwards, I slowly began to discover different ASMR videos and I fell in love with the whispering, personal attention and massages videos.

In 2018 I filmed my first ASMR video with my iPhone but I never thought of uploading it, it was just on my phone because I had a great time doing ASMR and watching my video.

In 2019 I finally dared to publish my first video on youtube, and I am so happy about that.

How do you think your videos help your viewers?

I’d like to think that my ASMR videos not only relax my viewers but also make them feel accompanied and loved. I consider myself as a friend to them, I know a lot of their names, talk to them regularly about life or ASMR and create this great online community.

A lot of my viewers message me on Instagram to thank me because some are stressed because of school/university life, are having bad times or are sad and my videos allow them to escape reality for a bit and feel at peace.

What are your biggest challenges with creating ASMR videos and/or being an ASMR artist?

The biggest challenges with creating ASMR videos are NOISES! Hahaha, can’t stress this enough. You have to be very patient in order to film because every little noise gets picked up by the potent microphones we use.

Perseverance is also key in order to be consistent with a youtube channel, but what I think is most important is always remember the ESSENCE of ASMR and not get caught up in the numbers, remember why your started doing ASMR in the first place and always transmit the positive and loving energy you would like to receive when watching ASMR.

What are your top tips for new ASMR video artists?

1. Don’t set high expectations for your channel, do what you love and the rest will follow.

2. Think out of the box, ASMR has so much potential and so many new things can be done with it.

3. Talk with your audience! They will be your main supporters whatever happens and the main motivators that will make you love doing ASMR.

4. Not having professional equipment won’t be a problem in order to start. Lo-fi ASMR is one of the best ASMR in my opinion.

5. ENJOY IT and if your channel grows big don’t let pressure get to you.

You have also completed your thesis about ASMR and the world of advertising. What did you discover?

After achieving my research on ASMR as a communication tool in the future world of advertising, I can conclude that ASMR is a sensorial experience that some commercial brands have tested in their own communication channels as an internet trend, but hasn’t yet been exploited as a recurrent advertising tool.

Diverse brands like Gucci, KFC, Ikea, Apple, Lush, Fenty Beauty or W Magazine have used ASMR in order to boost their Youtube or Instagram views, and they have highly succeeded doing so since ASMR is very adaptable for different brands, content and channels.

In my opinion, brands can take great advantage of ASMR since it will allow them to sell their products/services, tapping into the viewer’s senses and emotions creating an immersive experience that transports them into another world, effectively affecting their purchase decision and behaviour.

What I think brands should do though is to create “ASMR Advertising” in an indirect, indiscreet and subtle way. I always reference the “Battle of the sexes” movie scene with Emma Stone, where an unintentional form of ASMR is created through the use of different cinematic techniques. This scene subtly transports the viewer into the movie, which brands could do as well in order to transport their target customer into their brand’s world.

What tips do you have for other ASMR researchers?

ASMR is a very exciting field to study since it is relatively new and has so many different facets. It offers so many fields of study; from science, to communications, relationships, etc. I also recognize that ASMR affects certain people with specific personality/ biological characteristics, so it’d be very interesting to study what makes a certain percentage of the population connect with ASMR and why it is so addicting, attaching and nurturing.

To research ASMR:

1. Always have in mind its scientific nature

2. Go to youtube, the main source where you will understand what ASMR is and read the comments of the subscribers.

3. Don’t be afraid of pursuing this research theme, at first my faculty advisor had no idea what ASMR was and I wasn’t convinced it was a good topic of study, but I can affirm now that it has been the best decision I have made.

Any plans to do more ASMR research?

Not for now since I want to focus on my ASMR youtube channel, nevertheless everything I learnt from my own dissertation I want to apply to my ASMR videos to test if I can create something new.

Also, I would love it if advertising agencies and brands would like to use ASMR in their future advertising, so that it can be tested successfully or not.

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