ASMR Books & Articles

Published books about ASMR

Brain Tingles: The Secret to Triggering ASMR for Improved Sleep, Stress Relief, and Head-to-Toe Euphoria
2018, Adams Media of Simon & Schuster
Dr Craig Richard (author), Melinda Lauw (foreword)

Avery Sleeps More Readily: A whispered Good Night Fairy book
2018, Somnus Stuff
Renee Frances (author), Dr Craig Richard (foreword)

ASMR Sleep Revolution
2017, CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Benjamin Nicholls (author), Dr Craig Richard (foreword)

Idiot’s Guide: ASMR
2015, Alpha Books
Julie Young, Ilse Blansert (co-authors)

Published perspective/review papers about ASMR

ASMR – From Internet Subculture to Audiovisual Therapy
Diego Garro
Keele University, United Kingdom
Proceedings of EVA London July 2017, UK, 395-402

The Benefits of ASMR in Education
Franziska Apprich
Canadian University Dubai, United Arab Emirates
IOSR Journal of Research & Method in Education
Volume 6, Issue 5 Ver. II (Sep. – Oct. 2016), PP 113-118

Chapter 2: The Impact of ASMR on Social Media Generation
Franziska Apprich
Published in “Media Anthology: A Critical Reader – Visualising Mass Media from a Macro Perspective”
Pub. Date: 2016 – 2nd Quarter

Eliciting Euphoria Online: The Aesthetics of “ASMR” Video Culture
Rob Gallagher
King’s College, London, UK
Film Criticism, Volume 40, Issue 2, June 2016

ASMR and frisson: Mindfully induced sensory phenomena that promote happiness
Marisa A. del Campo & Thomas J. Kehle
University of Connecticut, Storrs, USA
Journal of School & Educational Psychology: Vol 4, No 2, Feb 2016

Now You’ve Got the Shivers: Affect, Intimacy, and the ASMR Whisper Community
Joceline Andersen
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Television & New Media,  Dec 2015,  vol. 16, no. 8, 683-700

It Feels Good to Be Measured: Clinical Role-Play, Walker Percy, and the Tingles
Nitin K. Ahuja
Internal Medicine, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 2013, Summer;56(3):442-51

Letters to the Editor about ASMR

James V Lloyd, Thomas P. O. Ashdown, Lucy R Jawad
ASMR: What is it? and Why should we care?
Cardiff University School of Medicine, Cardiff, Wales, UK
Indian J of Psychological Medicine
, 2017, 39(2):214-5

Self-published articles about ASMR

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

Melinda Lauw
Tingly Objects: ASMR

Jasmin Ojalainen
Four letters dividing science

Institutional posts about ASMR

Muhammad Ali Khalidi
Do You Get the “Tingles”? The Philosophy of ASMR
Sept 12 2016, American Philosophical Association

Could ASMR be Effective for Relaxation?
August 1 2014
University of Florida, College of Medicine
Center for Musculoskeletal Pain Research

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