10 Tips for new ASMR artists from Deni ASMRCz

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityDeni is an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology in the Czech Republic.

She has also been creating ASMR videos as Deni ASMRCz for the past 3 years.

I recently interviewed Deni about her YouTube channel and live ASMR sessions.  When I looked through her videos on YouTube I noticed that she had created over 135 ASMR videos.

I asked her if she would also be interested in creating a top ten list of tips for new ASMR artists as a way to share the experience and wisdom she gained from producing all those videos.

Deni agreed and provided an impressive list of helpful advice for new artists, which may also contain some helpful nuggets for established artists.

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Interview with Deni ASMRCZ, an ASMR artist offering live ASMR sessions.

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityDeni is an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology  in the Czech Republic.

Deni is also an ASMR artist. She creates recorded videos for her YouTube channel Deni ASMRCZ, and she also offers live video ASMR sessions.

I was excited to be able to interview Deni because I’ve been interested in talking to more artists who are offering live ASMR sessions.

In my interview with Deni she points out the paradox of her two most popular videos, her inspiration for offering recorded and live ASMR, how her live ASMR sessions differ from her ASMR videos, the challenges of providing live ASMR sessions, and how her efforts are helping others.

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Filmmaker begins production of the ASMR-inspired movie, “P.A.I.N.”

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityMike Reed lives in Denmead, UK, has attended South Downs College, and has a Foundation Diploma in Fine Art from Portsmouth College Art & Design.

Mike also creates ASMR videos for his YouTube channel, “Show Me ASMR” and has begun production of a full feature length ASMR film titled, “P.A.I.N.”.

Mike’s movie “P.A.I.N.” now joins the movie “Murmurs” on a very short list of ASMR movies currently in production.

In my interview with Mike he shares his inspiration for creating an ASMR movie, information about other movies he has produced, why the movie is titled, “P.A.I.N.”, the types of ASMR triggers which will be incorporated into the production, and the release date of the movie.

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Meet Claire Tolan and her intriguing array of ASMR-inspired artistic projects

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityClaire Tolan is an artist residing in Berlin, Germany who is weaving ASMR into new and exciting artistic domains.

She has created and hosts a regular ASMR radio show, has incorporated ASMR into a surveillance-themed exhibition, has integrated ASMR into a Techno night club, is merging ASMR and karaoke to explore facets of audience participation, is putting the finishing touches on an ASMR ring tone project, and also has some ASMR-themed games in her crucible.

And if all that is not enough, Claire has even collaborated with the American musician Holly Herndon to produce, what Wired magazine calls, “the album’s most curious track.”

If art is a manifestation of the essence and being of an artist, then my interview with Claire showed me that her projects are only a glimmer of the profound and intriguing person behind those productions.

In my interview with Claire she shares her interest in the therapeutic potential of ASMR, how ASMR can be said to “leak with love”, her incorporation of data into her work, her beliefs and involvements with political activism, her reasons for defending ASMR, her favorite YouTube ASMR artists, and more.

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Meet Maiko Yamamoto, director of a dance production inspired by ASMR

Maiko Yamamoto is an Artistic Director and member of the Theatre Replacement theatre company in Vancouver, Canada. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with a specialization in Theatre, along with a Masters of Applied Arts in visual arts.

Part of the mission of Maiko and her theatre company is to “build performances that react to contemporary existence.”

This mission was clearly manifested in a recent ASMR-inspired experimental dance work.

The ASMR-inspired show was, “The Sensationalists”. The world premiere was held May 12 – 16, 2015, at The Cultch Historic Theatre in Vancouver.

The show was created by 605 Collective, a Vancouver-based dance company, who commissioned Maiko to direct the work.

These two companies describe their final product as “an immersive performance experience that pushes both companies into new territories, exploring concepts surrounding various sensory phenomena.”

Maiko shares the first time she experienced ASMR, her favorite ASMR video, her goals of the show (which truly embody ASMR), and how the dancers used movements and words to express ASMR.

Below are my questions in bold followed by her replies in italics.

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The first orchestral composition inspired by ASMR

Jocelyn Morlock is the Composer in Residence of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra in Canada.

She has the admirable distinction of being the first woman composer in residence in the history of this orchestra.

Now she has another terrific distinction – she may be the first person in history to create an orchestral composition inspired by ASMR.

And the title of her musical composition does a wonderful job of evoking ASMR.

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ASMR video smackdown: Bubbles vs Calligraphy

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityI’m not really sure what a “smackdown” is, it just seemed like a good fit in the title.

It is probably bad form to use terms that are not in my wheelhouse.

Heck, I’m not really sure what a wheelhouse is either.  Or if I have one.

Vocabulary insecurities aside, we have an ASMR video smackdown to get to.

I have selected these two videos because they both may fall into the “unintentional” ASMR video category.  This means that the videos may not have been specifically created to trigger ASMR.

Although I do think both were created to induce relaxation, so maybe they fall into a “semi-intentional” ASMR category?

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