Health Benefits of ASMR

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*COVID-19 Pandemic* (support for ASMR benefits during pandemic)

  • Many published research studies have confirmed the detriments of the pandemic to mental health (scroll to bottom of this page for addendum of published studies).  As a result, people may be turning to ASMR content during the pandemic for comfort, stress reduction, and/or help falling asleep.
  • Reported increase in ASMR content consumption during the pandemic
    • ASMR on Wisio, Cameo, & Fiverr. “…Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, the personalized video platform Wisio told Motherboard it has experienced around a 2,100 percent increase in the amount of ASMR requests. The number of monthly bookings with instructions to include ASMR on Cameo doubled between March and December 2020, and freelance marketplace Fiverr also experienced a 673 percent increase in year-on-year searches for ASMR related services, the companies said.”
    • ASMR on Twitch (May 2020 – May 2021)…the growth of people watching ASMR on Twitch has been huge from 2020 to 2021…between May and June this year, hours of ASMR watched per day has increased by 38%…
    • ASMR on Twitch (Jan 2021 – Sep 2021)  “ASMR is the only major category on Twitch that has shown consistent growth month-over-month in 2021, going from just over 4 million hours watched in January to more than 12 million hours watched last month”
  • Reported benefits of ASMR during the pandemic on mental health (mostly personal accounts):

*Biological changes* (ASMR and biological changes)

*Relaxation* (ASMR increases relaxation)

*Stress and Anxiety* (ASMR reduces stress)

*Sleeplessness and Insomnia* (ASMR helps sleep problems)

*Sadness and Depression* (ASMR helps mood issues)

  • Published Research
    • 2018, Poerio et al: ASMR videos decrease sadness (study 1)
    • 2015, Barratt et al: 80% of participants report an effect on mood which is positive on average and those at high risk for depression report that ASMR improves their mood.
  • Other Research
    • Ongoing: About half of participants who often feel sad report ASMR helps them feel less sad and about one-third of those diagnosed with depression report ASMR is helpful to their condition.
  • Testimonials and Support

*Focusing, Studying, Learning, Working, and ADD/ADHD* (ASMR helps focusing)

*Pain, Chronic pain* (ASMR helps pain)

*Other conditions* (ASMR benefits for other conditions)

*Other benefits*

*Support & Mentions*


Addendum: Affect of COVID-19/Pandemic on Mental Health (non-ASMR data)