Health Benefits of ASMR

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Biological changes


Stress and Anxiety

Sleeplessness and Insomnia

Sadness and Depression

  • Published Research
    • 2018, Poerio et al: ASMR videos decrease sadness (study 1)
    • 2015, Barratt et al: 80% of participants report effect on mood which is positive on average and those at high risk for depression report that ASMR improves their mood.
  • Other Research
    • Ongoing: About half of participants who often feel sad report ASMR helps them feel less sad and about one-third of those diagnosed with depression report ASMR is helpful to their condition.
  • Testimonials and Support

Focusing, Studying, Learning, Working, and ADD/ADHD

Pain, Chronic pain

Other conditions

Other benefits

Support & Mentions