Interview with Ms Candy Blog ASMR, an ASMR artist combining tingles and treats

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityWhat can be more comforting than an ASMR video?  How about an ASMR video of candy and other sweet treats.

Ms Candy Blog ASMR is an ASMR artist living in New York City and she agrees, along with her YouTube followers. In 2014 she launched her Ms Candy Blog channel and then soon launched her Ms Candy Blog ASMR channel to deliver tingles with the treats.

She also has a Master’s degree in Theatre and has been recently recruited as a livestreaming educator.

In my interview with Ms Candy Blog ASMR she talks about her most popular video, the evolution of her videos, her biggest challenge as an artist, her association with Ru Paul, how her videos help others, and her scientific curiosity about ASMR.

Below are my questions in bold, her replies in italics, and links to her video channels, website, and more.

When did you first learn about ASMR?

“I first learned about ASMR from my video audience. A number of viewers of my original channel, Ms Candy Blog, commented and requested I make ASMR only videos.”

What inspired you to begin creating ASMR videos?

“I want to make my audience happy so I decided to give it a try. My first ASMR candy video is of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups which has been the most viewed video of all the videos I’ve created, ASMR or not. And the response was so great, I created a secondary channel just for ASMR which is where Ms. Candy Blog ASMR videos have been uploaded since the first videos.”

How would you describe your style and the content in your videos?

“My ASMR videos have changed from when I began until now. My original videos used a lot of lighting, hair and makeup as well as post work. From there, the videos were very simple, just me and an iPad, minimal hair and makeup.

In May 2015, I discovered live streaming which I’ve tried with ASMR on YouTube Live. Those videos were of me in my kitchen talking about my day as well as with those who popped into my stream. I’ve since been contacted by a live streaming platform which has requested I work on their app, which I’m currently in the process of getting ready to do.”

What is your most popular video so far?

“My most popular video is an ASMR video of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, my first ASMR video and most viewed video of all time.”

What is the biggest challenge for you as an ASMR artist?

“My biggest challenge as an ASMR artist is consistency. I have a lot of balls in the air, so to be able to have a video or a stream at the same time, every day or week, is a big ask. So I hope people will enjoy what I’ve created and will want to see what I’m doing when I come back.”

What advice or tips would you give to new ASMR artists?

“Do what feels right to you and your audience will find you.”

You also have a website at, what content will visitors find there?

“The Ms Candy Blog channel on YouTube is where I share candy reviews and RuPaul related videos. Originally, the channel had videos created exclusively for it, but since discovering livestreaming, it is where I have uploaded my live streamed candy reviews.

While I am called Ms. Candy Blog, my first video was of the RuPaul candy bar and landed me a contract with World of Wonder, the award winning production company behind Emmy winning “RuPaul’s Drag Race”.

So is where I share what’s going on in my journey in my candy-coated world more so than an actual blog.”

How do you think your ASMR videos are helping others?

“My ASMR audience is so appreciative and sweet which makes me want to make videos for them! I’ve received a lot of feedback that I’ve helped with stress and anxiety as well as helping a number of viewers go to sleep—yes, that’s a good thing! ;)”

If you could fully understand one aspect of ASMR through science and research, what would it be?

“I’d love to know why some are lucky enough to have ASMR and then there are those like me who do not have it at all. Biologically, what creates the ability?”

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