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75 thoughts on “Polls about ASMR

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  2. I have experienced ASMR since I was very young (can not recall an exact age). It is always feels like a pleasurable wave of tingles starting from the back of my head and ending at the tip of my spine. I have never had it triggered from any noises or videos. It most often occurs when somebody else is making or doing something, usually if it what they are doing is for me. The most intense example I can recall was at a P.F. Chang’s restaurant when a waiter prepared a dish of Mu Shu Pork at my table. The most recent experience of ASMR was about an hour ago of the time I am writing then, when a friend came to my house and handed me a paper I had asked him to write for me. I hope to learn more about ASMR and I thank you for the work you are doing.


    • I remember two specific instances…one in which someone who was going to buy our house called me and asked me gently to do various measurements of specific places in the house. The other when a co-cub scout leader called me to tell me what she had planned for a cub scout event; she spoke specifically and with great detail, wanting to get my agreement…again, she spoke softly, wanting my approval.


    • This is the sort of thing that triggers it in my wife and I. We have a retail store and someone looking mindlessly through folded clothes does it for both of us. Someone sweeping also works well. I grew up with this (I’m 61) and never knew anyone else that experienced it until I met my wife. It isn’t why we married but maybe it’s a key to our compatibility.

      Sound doesn’t do it for either of us.


  3. I can remember from a young age that I loved the sound of chalk on a chalkboard but do not specifically recall ASMR associated with it. I have always (and still do) respond strongly to certain colors of sparkles. There are certain mouth sounds that at times have the opposite effect of ASMR, LOL! Sometimes ASMR occurs with no specific trigger but I find that if I relax my jaw position, the ASMR disappears. Thank you for the work you are doing!


  4. Until aged 11 chalkboard clicking sounds would infrequently cause extreme weakness in right hand making it difficult to write for several minutes. I could stop this effect by concentrating after the fact. This seemed to go away on its own.


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