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Welcome to ASMR University

If you are not sure what “ASMR” is then start here: What is ASMR?

Below is some information to help you to navigate around this website and 3 ways you can participate in the understanding of ASMR.

Click the *Home* link at the top of the site any time you want to return to the Main Welcome Page which has all the links to the resource pages.

Click the *News Blog* link at the top of the site to see the latest News posts (and all the News posts) on this site.

And here are several ways you can participate in the understanding of ASMR:

  • Participate in the ASMR Research Survey (<– click link)
    • Join over 25,000 other participants in this University-approved research project.  Most questions are multiple choice or multiple selection.  All participants are anonymous and the survey is open to those who experience ASMR or do not experience ASMR.
  • Participate in the Website ASMR Polls (<– click link)
    • Answer some quick poll questions about ASMR.  Click the “View Results” button for each poll to see how others answered these same questions.
  • Participate in the Voices of ASMR Project (<– click link)
    • Describe your ASMR experiences in your own words.  Explain to the world what ASMR feels like for you and how it is a part of your life.

If you want to email me with a question, comment, or feedback, then feel free to use  the ***Email Dr. Richard*** widget located in the sidebar or footer, or send an email to

If you are interested in receiving email alerts when I post a new interview, podcast, website page, or news article on this site, then feel free to use the ***Save Time*** widget located in the sidebar or footer.

If you want to add your thoughts about any any specific website page or post then feel free to scroll to the bottom of that page or post and express yourself in the “Comment on this topic” area.

Thank you for visiting ASMR University, I hope you find it helpful.

Sincerely, Dr. Craig Richard (About)


9 thoughts on “First time visitor?

  1. Seeing my name show up on here under the history of old ASMR artists (we used to be called whispers back in the day), is a bittersweet feeling. It’s basically like looking at a graveyard of all my old friends. Those were some good times, but it’s sad that none of the original crew is reaping the reward of the risks that we took to put ourselves out there. It’s crazy to see what the community has blow up into. It has surpassed even my wildest dreams. I appreciate what you’re doing here. Thanks for the trip back down memory lane.


  2. i love the fact that there is research being done on this Topic because I have ASMR, but my husband doesn’t it and I really would like to find out why.


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