ASMR Research Project

Who is involved in this research project?

This is a collaborative research project involving:


What is this research project about?

The research project is an online survey that when completed, may provide one of the first and largest global, demographic studies about ASMR published in a peer-reviewed journal.

The survey is for those who have experienced ASMR, who have stopped experiencing ASMR, who have never experienced ASMR, and who are unsure if they experience ASMR.

In other words, although this is a “survey about ASMR”, it is not just for those who experience ASMR.

This large variety of participants will allow us to find out which personality traits, medical conditions, gender, ages, and other variables are most associated with those who experience ASMR (by comparing the same variables to those who do not experience ASMR).

We also have specific questions for those who experience ASMR.  This will help us know the most common age of first experience, most preferred way to experience ASMR, the most common sensations felt during ASMR, and much more.

The survey also asks about specific details that may help to explain why some individuals stop experiencing ASMR.


Where is the link to the survey?

Click HERE to view or take the survey.

Here is the full URL if you want to copy it and share it with others:


Where can I find out about updates about this project?

Updates will be posted below:

  • August (2014)
    • Initiation of project by Karissa Burnett, Jennifer Allen, and Craig Richard
  • September (2014)
    • Survey questions drafted and revised by project members
    • Survey draft completed
    • Survey draft pilot tested by university faculty, staff, and students
    • Final survey form created with assistance from the feedback from pilot testing
    • Survey submitted for review as an institutional research project involving human subjects
  • October (2014)
    • Survey approved by Shenandoah University’s Institutional Review Board
    • Survey co-approved by Fuller School of Psychology’s Human Studies Review Committee
  • November (2014)
    • Survey transcribed into an electronic online survey format
    • Electronic version of survey undergoing beta-testing
    • Survey launched
  • December (2014)
    • Survey acquires 5,000 total responses in first month
  • December (2015)
    • Survey reaches 15,000 total responses.
  • February (2016)
    • Preliminary data presented at regional conference: Shenandoah University Scholarship & Research Conference, Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA, USA, February 25, 2016.
  • April (2016)
    • Preliminary data presented at national conference: Science of Consciousness Conference, The University of Arizona, Tucson, USA, April 25-30, 2016
  • January (2017)
    • Survey reaches 20,000 total responses.
    • Data analysis is in progress but survey will remain open and active for continued data collection.
      Stay tuned for more updates.

8 thoughts on “ASMR Research Project

  1. I’ve been dreaming about my first ASMR experience and the person who triggered it every day since 1982. It was the first and only time my entire body tingled. Anyone in the same boat?


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  3. Just did the survey. Fascinating. Always wondered why I liked the oddest sounds, or got tingles with certain voices. Then I heard the term ASMR and find I’m not alone.


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