About ASMR University

ASMR University is an ASMR Resource and News Center.

The Resources Center is the collection of links on the Home/Welcome page (access via the *Home* button at the top of the site).  These links are chock full of information about the experience of ASMR, theories about ASMR, the art of creating ASMR, research being done on ASMR, ASMR resources, and polls about ASMR that you can take.  Explore these links at your leisure.

The News Center is the list of news posts (access via the *News Blog* button at the top of the site).  These articles are posted on a monthly basis to bring you current info, research, and perspectives on ASMR.  Each article includes links to external resources so you can learn more about each topic.

Overall, the goals of this site are:

  • to help you to learn about ASMR
  • to inspire you to create some kind of ASMR-related resource
  • and most importantly, to inspire you to begin a research project on ASMR so the world can know more about the social or biological aspects of ASMR

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your experience here.

Click HERE for details on how to cite this website.

To learn more about the founder of this website, click “About Dr. Richard”


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