Art of ASMR – Commercials

The following is a list of commercials, ads, and promos that have attempted to incorporate ASMR triggers.  

Some of these productions didn’t create true ASMR scenarios, they simply tagged their production with the term, “ASMR”.

Watch/listen to each ad below to see if it truly fits this definition of video-mediated ASMR scenarios: A kind or caring person is giving personal attention to the viewer with a gentle voice, gentle touch, gentle sounds, and/or gentle movements.

Click HERE for an example and analysis of a well done ASMR-inspired commercial for Michelob Ultra.   “Azania Andrews, VP of Marketing for Michelob Ultra, said sales volume for the beer grew in the triple digits following the airing of the ad” [source].

***List of ASMR-inspired commercials, ads, & promos***

Food & Beverage Industry:

Transport industry:

Other products & companies:


*Special Mentions*

  • Marriot Moxy (hotel chain)
    • Created specially-produced ASMR videos for guests, performed by Bella Thorne, Dani Thorne (COM3T), Caroline Vreeland
    • Analysis: A journalist shares his on-site experiences of the Moxy Hotel ASMR videos.  Read his Testimonial here.
  • Billie Eilish (singer)
    • Music label commissioned Gibi ASMR to make ASMR version of album (“…she wasn’t paid, though she did get concert tickets…”).

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Have something to add?

  • Just send an email to with a link to the ASMR-inspired commercial, ad, or promo.
  • Thank you to assistance from:
    • Madison (sent link to Kat Von D Beauty)
    • Vanessa Mitchell (sent link to Strongbow ads)
    • Marisa Bode (sent link to National Rail ad)

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