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As featured in:

The New York Times, The Washington Post, Scientific American, Newsweek, Smithsonian Magazine, Psychology Today, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Today, The Guardian, The New Yorker, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, NPR, and more.


Founder of ASMR University presents 
the first TEDx Talk to explain ASMR
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Goal of talk: Introduce and explain ASMR to a general audience within 12 minutes. For more depth and details about ASMR, please feel free to explore this site.



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About ASMR University



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4 thoughts on “Welcome to ASMR University

  1. This is interesting. I use to experience something similar to this with my family, we always called it “The Glow”. I haven’t experienced the sensation in years but about a year ago I tried to do a quick search and nothing really came up. and then I came upon an article in the Boston Globe. Sometimes I think about the sensation and miss it and wonder if my children will ever feel it. It was always simple – like someone handed you a sandwich and the niceness or gesture didn’t have to be directed at me to feel it. I wonder if our busy crazy electronic life takes the simplicity away so we don’t notice “The Glow”.
    I’m inspired to feel it again, I hope I remember!


  2. hey there. I am a professor , sociology , at CSU East Bay here in california/. And I am doing a social/emotional learning component to my classes. And i have just learned about ASMR, and it all seems very similiar to the self-soothing exercises I am teaching my students. Have you all examined the relationship between how babies self-soothe, or how mother’s teach soothing to babies, and the similarities with ASMR?


  3. I really, really want to know if someone who’s deeply studied this topic knows whether or not ASMR can be seen more in certain races or ethnicities than others


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