Interview with Deni ASMRCZ, an ASMR artist offering live ASMR sessions.

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityDeni is an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology  in the Czech Republic.

Deni is also an ASMR artist. She creates recorded videos for her YouTube channel Deni ASMRCZ, and she also offers live video ASMR sessions.

I was excited to be able to interview Deni because I’ve been interested in talking to more artists who are offering live ASMR sessions.

In my interview with Deni she points out the paradox of her two most popular videos, her inspiration for offering recorded and live ASMR, how her live ASMR sessions differ from her ASMR videos, the challenges of providing live ASMR sessions, and how her efforts are helping others.

Below are my questions in bold, her replies in italics, and links to her live ASMR website, her ASMR YouTube channel, and her Facebook page.

When did you first learn about ASMR?

Deni, “I have experienced ASMR feeling since childhood. My first memory is about me sitting next to my classmate in third grade on elementary school. She was chewing gum and since she has dyslexia she was reading some article in advance in order to sound more flow afterwards. She was whispering and reading very slowly.

ASMR itself as we know it now, I’ve found about three years ago, pretty randomly. I was browsing YouTube and found this joke: . Then I typed whisper in YouTube and found tonnes of ASMR videos. I knew immediately what it was.”

What inspired you to create your ASMR channel in 2014?

Deni, “Nothing specific. I tried to search for some czech ASMR channels and found only one which wasn’t active. So I have decided to try it and I’m very glad I did! I have also always thinking about making YT channel and even made some videos for myself. The biggest inspiration for this has always been Christina Grimmie, YT star who didn’t just show her abilities online but also in real life.”

How would you describe your style and the content in your videos?

Deni, “I basically make a mix of requested videos and my own ideas videos. Requested videos are mostly roleplays, whispered, I have some roleplay series and typical sound videos. My ideas are usually mixes of ASMR triggers – such as video from nature with layered sound, ASMR vlogs and simulated situations from real life.”

What is your most popular video so far?

Deni, “There are two actually. The first is one of my very first videos – All senses massage. This one is very popular and most viewed though it has super horrible quality. The second one is ‘Mean girl does your make-up’. It is most liked one and with the best reviews. What a paradox. It’s video rather for fun but many find ASMR in that as well.”

You also offer live ASMR sessions, how long have you been doing this and what was your inspiration?

Deni, “Live ASMR Sessions have always been my goal. However, I have been working on it intensively since October 2016. The inspiration was again Christina Grimmie who influenced me not to stay in my comfort zone, but to do something actually beneficial for people who need it.”

How does the experience of your live ASMR sessions differ from watching your recorded videos?

Deni, “Participants of my live ASMR sessions say that the experience is much more intensive. It’s the same as when you listen to your favourite singer online and then you go to their concert. The benefit is also that the sessions are created specifically for each person. Though the concept may be similar – challet, all senses massage, sound relaxation etc.

Thanks to a registration form each participant can choose their favorite ASMR triggers and themes and then enjoy what was made only for them. Even if some people choose the same triggers and themes I do my best to create a different program each time. Therefore, it is always a surprise to visit my sessions – even repeatedly.”

Is there anything that is more challenging for you about doing live ASMR sessions compared to doing recorded videos?

Deni, “Everything is challenging – managing sneezing, surrounding sounds and people and most importantly it’s the reaction of people. When I make video I can’t see the reaction which can’t make me feel insecure. With live sessions I have to be more confident but still empathic and observant.”

What feedback have you received about your live ASMR sessions?

Deni, “Nothing big yet. I already have some registrations for the first term which I’m very grateful for. However, people seem to be little bit insecure about it which is totally alright since it’s one of the first projects in the world. I believe that it only needs time and satisfied participants. :-)”

You have shared 10 tips with me which you have for new ASMR artists. These were so well written and helpful that I am going to share these in their own future post. If you had to pick just one tip to highlight here which one would it be?

Deni, “I can’t decide between being interactive with audience and doing what you actually want to do. None of that should be more important than the other. An artist is the ‘leader’ but the audience are the ‘supporters’ and the people who have decided to choose the artist for their ‘sleepy fairy’. So I’d say that a mix of these two is the most important.”

Whether it is your live sessions or your recorded videos, how do you think your efforts are helping others?

Deni, “Some of my viewers feel relief from their anxieties after watching my ASMR videos which is absolutely amazing. There was also a girl who stopped taking sleeping pills after watching my videos and guy who works as vehicle designer in one big Czech company and he needs to be focused on his job all the time. My videos help him with that. These are the most significant ones.

Most of my audience appreciate that they can finally fall asleep and have a great quality of sleep which is amazing too. I just love every single reaction and that feeling that I really am helping people. It is very heartwarming.”

If you could choose to learn more about one aspect of ASMR through science and research, what would it be?

Deni, “The origin definitely. I currently study psychology and would love to write my dissertation about it since I have some ideas. But there is a lot of years to go. :D”

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