Art of ASMR – Description & Examples

What is an ASMR artist?

It is anyone who creates something to stimulate ASMR, to represent ASMR, or that is inspired by ASMR.

ASMR artists cover many diverse fields, click the following links for an example of:

The most common ASMR artists are video artists (AKA content creators), click the following links to learn more about these specific video artists and channels:

To create your own ASMR art just focus on what interests or inspires you about ASMR and express it through some medium like your voice, your movements, your paintings, your writings, your sculptures, your music, etc.

Each ASMR artist has his or her own style and craft.  Express your interest in ASMR through whatever style and craft is best for you.

One thought on “Art of ASMR – Description & Examples

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