ASMR Resources

Books, Documentaries, Websites, and Podcasts


Brain Tingles, Sept 4, 2018
by Dr Craig Richard (Author), Melinda Lauw (Foreword)

Avery Sleeps More Readily (A.S.M.R.), Aug 8, 2018
by Renee Frances (Author), Dr Craig Richard (Foreword)

ASMR: The Sleep Revolution, Oct 12, 2017
by Benjamin Nicholls (Author), Dr Craig Richard (Foreword)

Idiot’s Guide: ASMR, May 5, 2015
by Julie Young and Ilse Blansert (Co-Authors)
~Click HERE to learn more about the authors.

Video documentaries

Rishi & Sharul Try ASMR  (well done comedy angle),  Oct 21, 2019
~Produced by Daniel Heng  [24m:02m]

24 Facts About ASMR, Oct 2, 2019
~Produced by Mental Floss [9m:31s]

ASMR: Your Brain on Whispers, Sept 2, 2019
~Produced by Dylan Dubeau [19m:32s]

What is ASMR?, March 14, 2019
~Produced by NBC News [3m:51s]

The Brain-Tingling Sounds of ASMR,  May 31, 2018
~Produced by The New Yorker [7m:57s]

ASMR: Everything Science Knows So Far,  May 15, 2018
~Produced by Seeker [4m:23s]

What Is ASMR And Why Is Your Brain ‘Tingling’?, April 27, 2018
~Produced by NBC News – Left Field, [5m:59s]

Meet The ASMR Creators, Mar 24, 2017
~Produced by Business Insider  [5m:36s]

The Doc Docs On: ASMR, Sept 9, 2016
~Produced by The Doc Docs [12m:17s]

Audio documentaries

Beyond The Braingasm, Oct 14 2018
Includes an interview with Jennifer Allen, who coined the term “ASMR”
~Produced by Lauren Day as part of a Masters degree in broadcast journalism

ASMR: The Feeling of Sound, July 19 2018
Immersive Audio Podcast, Episode 11
~Produced by Abbigayle Bircham for 1.618 Digital

The Lives of Others: ASMR, July 1, 2015
~Click HERE to learn more about the producer, Harri Watson.

Modulations: ASMR, June 26, 2015
~Click HERE to learn more about the producer, Rob Gallagher.

Inaudible me, August 15, 2014
~Produced by Belinda Lopez


ASMR Advice
Learn how to start an ASMR Channel.

Learn about ASMR and the equipment to make videos.

Tingly ASMR
Explore ASMR videos and ASMR artists.

Find ASMR videos based on your favorite tags

Tingletastic ASMR Clothing & Products
T-Shirts, Hoodies, Bags, Prints, & more.

List of Top ASMR artists (and gear)
Sort ASMR artists by Subscribers, Views, Country, & more.

Tingle Science (Prior name: Tingle Town)
Watch ASMR videos and record your tingles.
~Click HERE to learn more about the creator, Matthew White.

 I Love ASMR Facebook page
ASMR community with news and general chit chat about ASMR.
~Click HERE to learn more about the founder, Sue Dorrens.

ASMR videos, podcasts, related apps and area for ASMR artists.
Click HERE to learn more about the founder, Matthew Wilson.

ASMR Report
Reviews and evaluations of the development of ASMR.
~Click HERE to learn more about the founder.

ASMR Tingles
ASMR discussion forum, categorized videos, and recommended products.

ASMR Research and Support Facebook page
ASMR community about ASMR research

ASMR subreddit page
ASMR community with video links and discussion threads

ASMR Hub Facebook page
ASMR community, timeline with info and updates, and funny ASMR photos.

ASMRYouReady (site may be down)
ASMR website and community with articles, interviews, awards, and videos.
~Click HERE to learn more about the founder, Bekah Smith (aka softlygaloshes).

ASMR Hub (site may be down)
Website with links to videos sorted by categories, links to over 600 artists sorted by name, audio files, and a blog.

ASMR Research & Support (site may be down)
ASMR research and info site created by Jennifer Allen who coined the term “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”.


The ASMR Podcast
~Click HERE to learn more about the creator, Gerry Parks.

ASMR NewsCast
~Click HERE to learn more about the hosts, Lee Terrill and Logan Jenkins.

The ASMRtist Show
~Click HERE to learn more about the host, Jose Prendes.

ASMR University Podcast
~ Click HERE to learn more about the host, Dr. Craig Richard

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