Whisperlodge, a new live ASMR spa-type experience

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityI’ve reported previously about spas in Canada and Ireland offering or considering ASMR-type services.

Brooklyn, NY, USA now joins the list with the announcement of Whisperlodge, a concept which is self-described as,

“An immersive spa for the senses, coaxing you to tune in to yourself with live ASMR.”

The description at one of the Whisperlodge websites continues with additional details,

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What would you want in a real world ASMR spa?

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityI have previously written an article about an in-person ASMR spa in Canada.

Well, the lucky citizens of Ireland may also be getting a new ASMR spa for their real world tingles and relaxation.

Amanda Rose Doherty is a product manager at a pharmaceutical company in Dublin, Ireland and received her Business Studies Degree in Marketing at Dublin City University.

Amanda is also interested in opening up an ASMR spa in Dublin.

Her keen marketing education and wisdom is guiding her to make informed decisions about her spa vision.  To help her do this, she has created a survey to gather input from those within the ASMR community.

In my interview with Amanda she shares her inspiration for an ASMR spa, her goals for the survey about the spa, her perceived challenges of bringing her idea to reality, her wonderful vision of an ASMR-enriched future and more.

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Some spas are now offering ASMR sessions

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityMany ASMR videos on YouTube include spa role-plays because the attention and services provided in spas are some of the strongest ASMR triggers.

And traditional spa services are great at triggering ASMR because some of the core biology of ASMR may be rooted in feeling safe, being relaxed, and being cared for.

So there is something deliciously meta about a spa offering ASMR sessions.

In 2013, Michelle Joni wrote a blog post for spaweekly.com on this very topic.  She began with an explanation of ASMR and concluded with this question, “Is an ASMR massage experience something spas should consider incorporating into their menus?”

I recently came across a spa which actually has incorporated ASMR experiences into their menu.

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