Meet softlygaloshes, an ASMR artist and the founder of

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityRebekah “Bekah” Smith is a California resident known widely as the ASMR artist softlygaloshes.

She has created about 150 ASMR videos so far and continues to post new videos every 4 days. Her consistent production of high quality, binaural videos has attracted a growing fan base of over 90,000 followers to her channel.

But Bekah is not just a prolific ASMR artist, she is also a blogger and founder of the website is an extremely content-rich website. Visitors can enjoy frequently posted articles about ASMR, discussions on topics relevant to ASMR fans and artists, interviews with new and established ASMR artists, ASMR videos which can be sorted by category, and “The Tinglies” contest for ASMR videos.

She currently runs the website with the assistance of Kris, the ASMR artist known as WhisperBits. Kris is one of the content creators, as well as providing valuable web and graphic designer contributions to the site.

I interviewed Bekah to learn a bit more about her and her website. Bekah shares why she started creating ASMR videos, her motivation for creating, how her understanding of ASMR has changed over time, what she would say to scientists pondering ASMR research, and more.

Below are my questions in bold, her replies in italics, and links to her website and YouTube channel.

What are your fondest ASMR memories from childhood?

Bekah, “I don’t remember my childhood very well, but in middle school, I always liked it when my friend would have me lie down while she did my makeup. Even if it turned out a bit extreme looking in the end, it was very relaxing to have her soft speaking and the brushes on my face.”

When did you start being an ASMR artist and what prompted you?

Bekah, “While I have been making YouTube videos since 2008, I started making ASMR videos in particular in June 2012. At the time, I was struggling with depression and ASMR become another outlet for me to express myself, to help me sleep, and to give me something to look forward to.”

What do you think your viewers enjoy the most about your videos?

Bekah, “I’m told that my personality and emotions shine through very well in my videos, and that people like that sense of closeness that comes with me being my genuine self.”

What tips would you give to new ASMR artists?

Bekah, “I actually have an article I wrote on ASMRYouReady about this very topic!” 

What motivated you to create the website in 2012?

Bekah,At first, it was just a Tumblr blog that I created to share videos I liked. I hadn’t seen a lot of ASMR blogs or websites that helped one find good videos without simply browsing YouTube and I have always loved social media and blogging, so it fit right in with my interests.”

How is the website different today than when you first created it?

Bekah, “Well, as it started to become a real hobby and people were getting involved, in the latter half on 2014, I decided I wanted to do more than just share people’s videos.

I wanted to delve into the topic and create a place where people can really celebrate the community. It was especially important to me as I could find no other real focal point in the community. YouTube is very impersonal on that front and is not an easy platform with which to connect with others.

I realized that it would be bigger than its early Tumblr form, so I partnered up with Kris to bring ASMRYouReady to its own domain, which launched earlier this year. Now the site is in its second version since that launch, with a much cleaner and professional design, as well as being much easier to navigate.”

Which section of the website do you think a first time visitor should start with?

Bekah, While promoting the videos of lesser known ASMRtists is a very important part of the site, I would say that the Articles section gives a much better idea of what makes ASMRYouReady unique.”

Which section of the website attracts the most daily visitors?

Bekah,The Articles section, funnily enough.”

How has your understanding of ASMR changed over time?

Bekah, “I would say that scientifically, we don’t know much more than we do when I started. But overall, I think it has really shown itself to be a fantastic coping mechanism for people struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

It’s also a medium that can be triggered by almost anything, which means it’s a platform with huge potential.”

If you could create any experiment to discover or prove one thing about ASMR, what would it be?

Bekah, “It would be lovely to have it proven that it’s a healthy, natural, and effective way to feel better.

Beyond the confirmation that what we’re doing isn’t going to hurt us someday, it would also lead to a lot of opportunities to help people with therapy and the like.”

Given the opportunity, what would you say to a room full of researchers and clinicians whom are trying to decide if putting the time and funding into ASMR research is worth the investment?

Bekah, “The fact that hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of people are saying that this has specifically helped them with mental illness and trouble sleeping is no small thing.

It’s a cheap and easy way to help people live better lives — without any pills. That’s worth looking into.”

Click HERE to explore Bekah’s website

Click HERE to enjoy Bekah’s ASMR videos

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  1. I love you Rebecca you’re AWESOME! I just saw your video 9-15-19 and I wasn’t too sad but I appreciated your TLC. I know your talking to everybody watching but I still felt happy. 🙂


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