Meet Zoey (and her mom), the 7-year old ASMR artist on the “Best Day Ever ASMR” YouTube Channel

The “Best Day Ever” YouTube channel was started in 2013, which is also the birth year of the current star of the channel, 7-year old Zoey.

Perhaps Zoey’s mother, Penny, started the channel that year in hopes of capturing and sharing family moments.  Sure enough, the early videos on the channel are happy and jovial family moments of their times in Georgia, U.S..

Early this year in 2020, 7-year old Zoey began creating ASMR videos, and the channel is now called “Best Day Ever ASMR.”    The video channel has grown quickly with 14,000 subscribers and 56 well-produced, deeply relaxing, whimsical, fun, and colorful ASMR videos starring 7-year old Zoey.

I interviewed Zoey and her mom  Penny to find out more about their channel.   Penny shares how Zoey became inspired to create ASMR videos, how both parents help her to create the videos, how they optimize her personal safety, and how they guide her to make age-appropriate content.    Zoey shares why she likes to create ASMR videos, if she experiences ASMR, and shares 3 tips for other young creators of ASMR videos.

Below are my questions in bold, their replies in italics, and a link to the “Best Day Ever ASMR” YouTube channel.

*****Questions for Zoey’s mom (Penny)*****

How did Zoey get inspired to create ASMR videos?

Penny, “I’ve been watching ASMR videos since Zoey was a Baby. I always experienced it, but did not know it had a name, until I watched it on Doctor Oz one day.

When Zoey was little she would observe me relaxing & watching ASMR videos and also shared the ‘tingles’ that many others feel. Zoey used to ask to watch ‘tapping videos’ at night. She started when she was about 3 years old.”

How involved are you in the creation and posting of Zoey’s videos?

Penny, “The entire family supports Zoey to make her videos. Some of our biggest inspirations are Gentle Whispering, Gibi and ASMR Darling – so we try to spend a little time preparing and helping Zoey with her Sets to give it the desired look she wants to achieve.

Dad helps with the ‘tech’ stuff like editing her videos and equipment setup. We also have a 3-year-old, so when Zoey is filming, Dad helps to keep her little brother entertained. He likes being quiet so Zoey can film her ‘ASMR VIDEOS’ as he calls them.

We’ve also started the process of teaching Zoey to edit her own videos. We watch many ASMR vides with Zoey and when she finds one that is age-appropriate that she’d like to do, we put on on her list of upcoming videos for her to film only after we’ve reviewed it for her.  When she does film her video, typically one of us is in the room with her and it’s always in an age-appropriate fashion.

Additionally, we have all comments on YouTube turned off on her channel to prevent anyone from messaging her. We share how many likes she has on her videos with her, and also have explained that sometimes people dislike, and that’s ok.

We do receive some fan emails from time to time and share positive ones with her verbally. Because of her age, we monitor everything 100% to ensure her online safety. [Author note: every one of Zoey’s ASMR videos is labeled with “This is a parent run account”]

She’s a kid, and loves youtube and has fun with it. Zoey likes to make fun videos to help people sleep. We support her effort in that endeavor.”

What 3 tips would you have for other parents of young creators of ASMR videos?

Penny, “1.  Support & be passionate with your child in what they want to do and be aware of keeping them safe online.

2.  Teach them about the process and what is working for them. There’s so many great lessons to learn during this process. YouTube analytics has great math skills to learn. Editing videos and creating thumbnails are both a science and an art, and is a fun process to enjoy and be creative.

3. Kids want to have fun. Many times more than half the time that Zoey films, she has fun making jokes and being Silly. It’s part of the process. Sometimes, more than half the recorded video time, is Zoey having so much fun and enjoying herself.”

*****Questions for Zoey*****

How did you learn about ASMR

Zoey, “My mother and I would watch them together.”

Do you experience ASMR?

Zoey, “Yes I do 🙂

Why do you create ASMR videos?

Zoey, “I like doing it and have fun. My favorite thing is helping people fall asleep

What 3 tips would you have for other young creators of ASMR videos?

Zoey, “1. Just have fun with it

2. Learn as much as you can about ASMR by watching a lot of different kinds of videos you find interesting

3. Preparing for a video and having everything planned out makes it so much easier and fun

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