History of ASMR – Early ASMR Artists

***List of Early YouTube Whisper/ASMR artists on from 2009 – 2012***

What is a “YouTube Whisper/ASMR artist”?

YouTube Whisper/ASMR artists are individuals on YouTube who intentionally use ASMR triggers (eg, gentle forms of whispering, speaking, sounds, movements) to induce relaxation and/or brain tingles.

The list below does not include older and current videos which may stimulate ASMR unintentionally like unboxing videos, haul videos, make-up tutorials, and Bob Ross videos if relaxation and/or brain tingles were not the primary goal of those videos.

How is the start date of a YouTube ASMR artist determined?

The start date of an ASMR artist is based on the upload date of their oldest, verifiable whisper/ASMR video.  It is not determined using their YouTube  “joined” date because they may have started uploading non-whisper/non-ASMR videos on that date.

Also, early ASMR videos can’t be decided by the name of the channel, the title of the video, or the description of the video – because these all can be edited later.  Each ASMR video is specifically confirmed by the upload date of a video which contains intentional ASMR triggers.

Notice someone missing?

Just send me a link to their first whisper/ASMR video via asmruniversity@gmail.com

Want the inside scoop from early ASMR artists?

*List of the Early ASMR Artists 2009-2012*





Additional Early ASMR Artists

The following are ASMR channels that existed in 2009-2011 but verification is limited because their channel, all their videos, or their videos preceding 2012 are currently removed, inaccessible, or hidden.

Initial Resources:

Curators and Contributors:

  • Dr Craig Richard (Primary Curator)
    • Compiled initial list of artists, general dates, and links (from above resources) and also added additional artists.
  • Julianna Alabado (2019 Assistant Curator)
    • Student at BASIS Charter School Tucson North, Arizona.  Documented early ASMR artists as part of Senior Research Project.
    • Confirmed, sorted, and updated most of the initial artists on these lists with the specific date of their first ASMR video.
    • Further discovered and added an additional 60 early channels with the assistance of https://deepyoutube.com/
  • Sarah Levering (2018 Assistant Curator)
    • ASMR video enthusiast since 2011 and D.M.A. Candidate at Shenandoah University, Virginia.
    • Reviewed over 60 of the initial YouTube channels on these lists to confirm links.
  • Additional Assistance
    • Softshadowe – informed me about their early channel (1st video:  fall 2009 estimated, added to Additional Early Artists list)
    • Jay (ASMRctica ASMR) – suggested TheCornerWhisper ASMR (1st video: Dec 1, 2012)
    • Emil – suggested WhisperDust (1st video: Oct 10, 2010)
    • Michelle – suggested SOUNDsculptures (1st video: Jan 16, 2011)
    • Aquiles – suggested VisualSounds1 ASMR (1st video: June 19, 2011)