Brain Tingles – the book

Brain Tingles” the How-To Guide for stimulating ASMR by Dr. Craig Richard.  Available from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Learn all about ASMR and how to stimulate  that blissful feeling in those around you – with your gentle voice, light touch, hypnotic actions, and caring behaviors.

Lull a child to sleep, soothe a stressed family member, relax a friend or romantic partner, create ASMR videos, or add it as a relaxation technique to your spa, health studio, wellness center, or counseling sessions.

This book will help you to understand and apply the techniques, tools, and secrets for every ASMR trigger type, along with hundreds of examples.

Experience six delightful ASMR triggers in the 90 second promo video.

Sections of the book:

  • Part 1: Learn about the background and principles for stimulating ASMR.
    • Chapter 1 What Is ASMR?
      • Discover the sensations, triggers, history, biology, and benefits of ASMR.
    • Chapter 2 Preparing for ASMR
      • Understand the importance of partner selection, location preparation, and open communication for ASMR.
  • Part 2: Learn about the specific techniques and tools for creating and using each ASMR trigger type.
    • Chapter 3 Velvety Voices
      • Using gentle voices and whispers
    • Chapter 4 Soothing Sounds
      • Creating trigger sounds
    • Chapter 5 Feathery Fingers
      • Using fingers and light touch
    • Chapter 6 Tingly Tools
      • Using head tinglers, feathers, and more
    • Chapter 7 Tranquil Treasures
      • Displaying items as show-and-tell
    • Chapter 8 Assuaging Activities
      • Demonstrating skills and tasks
    • Chapter 9 Hands-On Role-Plays
      • Creating scenarios with light touch
    • Chapter 10 Hands-Off Role-Plays
      • Creating scenarios without light touch


  • Selected by Barnes & Noble as a featured book on their New Paperbacks tables (9/4/18 – 9/17/18) and on their Health and Wellness tables (9/11/18 – 1/14/2019).

“Brain Tingles”