Ritz Crackers creates ASMR-inspired commercial

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian ResponseRitz Crackers has recently joined the growing list of big name companies which have created ASMR-inspired ads.

Dove chocolate released two ASMR-inspired ads in November 2015, Pepsi posted a short ASMR-inspired ad in April 2016, and KFC launched an ASMR-inspired ad in July 2016.

The Ritz Crackers video ad is in Korean but it clearly communicates the universal language of ASMR.

The ad begins with a young woman sitting at a table containing Ritz Crackers.  She proceeds to open, handle, and eat several crackers.

The video clearly contains many typical aspects of popular ASMR videos; plastic crinkling, item touching and caressing, whispering, subtle eating sounds, and some eye contact.

The website, brandinginasia.com, reported on the ad in their article titled, “FCB Seoul Creates a Film of Sight and Sound for Ritz Crackers in Korea”.  The Executive Creative Director from FCB Seoul, Taejay Lee, is quoted in the article as stating,

“Instead of simply mentioning ‘crispiness’ in the ad, we wanted to allow people to experience it. With the use of ASMR and sounds from the product, the film stays true to the essence of cracker, whilst standing out amongst noisy and loud snack ads in Korea today”

Currently, the Ritz Crackers video has 99,508 views on YouTube and 100% thumbs up of 59 total votes.

Click HERE to watch the Ritz Crackers ASMR-inspired video advertisement.

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5 thoughts on “Ritz Crackers creates ASMR-inspired commercial

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