How many ASMR channels, ASMRtists, and ASMR videos are on YouTube?

ASMRU - white box - JPG

This should be easy to answer, but it isn’t.  At least not for me.  I have figured out one way to get some ballpark numbers, but my methods may not be the easiest or the most accurate.

If you know a better way than what I describe below, then please reach out to me at

I will begin by telling you the numbers I calculated and then I will explain how I achieved them.

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Interview with WhisperingLife, the first ASMR artist

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian ResponseWhisperingLife has her Bachelors of Science degree in Ophthalmic Dispensing and is currently a Dispensing Optician in Nottingham, England.

WhisperingLife is not her real name, she prefers to keep that private.  But this was the name she chose as her alias in early 2009 when she created the first whisper-dedicated channel on YouTube.

For this historical milestone, she is often referred to as the first ASMR artist.

Before jumping into the interview I want to provide more context and background about WhisperingLife.

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