KFC creates ASMR-inspired commercial

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityKentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has recently joined the small group of big name companies that have created ASMR-inspired ads.

Dove chocolate released two ASMR-inspired ads in November 2015 and Pepsi posted a short ASMR-inspired ad in April 2016.

And now Colonel Sanders continues the big name tingle-athon.

The KFC ad features George Hamilton as Colonel Sanders sitting in front of a camera.

The video clearly contains many typical aspects of popular ASMR videos.

The Colonel is gazing into the camera, whispering gently, making hypnotic hand movements, creating ASMR trigger sounds with fabric, folding a silk handkerchiefs (pocket square) on the table, and  providing plenty of mouth sounds and chewing sounds while enjoying some crispy fried chicken.

The Washington Post reported on the video and included the following quote from Kevin Hochman, KFC’s chief marketing officer,

“There’s a lot of comfort that’s associated with ASMR, and that’s what our food delivers.”

The ASMR artist, Maria GentleWhispering, shared her perspective on the KFC ad in the Washington Post article,

“It’s good to have exposure, and people might learn something new. They might find something nice for themselves.”

But also expressed a note of caution in the article,

“If advertisers tried to use hypnotic movements, or create that sense of being in a trance, that could actually be very scary. You can convey a lot of information and suggest products that way,” she says. “It could have a sort of brainwashing power.”

Currently, the KFC video has 134,574 views on YouTube and 93% thumbs up of 246 total votes.

Click HERE to watch the KFC ASMR-inspired video advertisement.  (2018 update: KFC may have pulled the video off YouTube, this alternate link may show the video)

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