The Ritz Crackers ASMR commercial: 10 months later.

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian ResponseIt has been almost 10 months since Ritz launched their ASMR-inspired commercial on Nov 30, 2016.

I wrote an initial article about this on December 5, 2016 but I wanted to do this follow-up article to share some interesting information.

After the video was posted on YouTube for 5 days I reported that it had 99,508 views and 100% thumbs up of 59 total votes.

Now, about 10 months later, the video has an impressive 6,707,080 views and about 85% thumbs up of 6,975 total votes.

The video also currently has 1,438 comments.  Most of these are in the Korean language so I am unable to read them, and Google translate could give me misleading interpretations.  Based on the up and down thumb ratio I would assume the majority of the comments are positive.

An article at highlights some design and creativity awards which have been won by the commercial:

  • Won Gold & Silver award @ 47th Creativity Awards Media & Interactive Design category : Ritz – Taste It With Your Ears
  • Bronze in 2017 Summit Creative Award – Film – Under $25,000 budget category

Interestingly, there is also a “case study film” in the article which shares further details about the ad campaign.  The video in the article is linked to a YouTube video which was uploaded on August 11, 2017 by Rizal Fachrul.

The case study film contains the following:

  • Explains the goals of the campaign
  • Shows some aspects of how the ad was created
  • Shows the original 33 second ad
  • Mentions an extended version of the ad was created
  • Explains that additional exposure occurred through parody videos

Most interestingly, the case study film also mentions a “33% sales increase”.  This probably means that markets exposed to the ad saw a 33% increase in sales of Ritz Crackers.

I don’t know much about marketing goals but that seems like a successful campaign to me.  If so, then you might expect more ASMR-inspired commercials by Ritz and/or other companies in the near future.

Links about the Ritz ASMR commercial:

Learn about other ASMR-inspired commercials by:

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