10 Tips for new ASMR artists from Deni ASMRCz

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityDeni is an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology in the Czech Republic.

She has also been creating ASMR videos as Deni ASMRCz for the past 3 years.

I recently interviewed Deni about her YouTube channel and live ASMR sessions.  When I looked through her videos on YouTube I noticed that she had created over 135 ASMR videos.

I asked her if she would also be interested in creating a top ten list of tips for new ASMR artists as a way to share the experience and wisdom she gained from producing all those videos.

Deni agreed and provided an impressive list of helpful advice for new artists, which may also contain some helpful nuggets for established artists.

Here they are.

10 Tips For New ASMR Artists by Deni ASMRCz

1) Create non-original content.

To find at least a small audience it is better to make videos on topics that somebody else has already created. It is good to find some really popular ones. For instance cranial nerve exam, doctor role-play, etc.

If you make original videos when you start your channel then less people might find it and your effort could be little bit wasted. Also, as you make more videos you gain more experience so sometime in the future you could regret wasting your super amazing idea without having any experience in editing, or knowing what your audience likes, or knowing what you’re good at, etc.

2) Start with using what you have – you don’t have to buy super good equipment

It is not a rule that only good quality videos get attention. If you have a working microphone on your headphones then go ahead and use it – as long you like the sound of course. If you are thinking of buying a new mic then you don’t have to buy the most expensive one. Just find one which sounds good to you or simply use what you have.

There are tonnes of artists who didn’t buy an expensive microphone and have lots of subscribers. What is more important is the camera. You don’t want to have an orange pixelated face during a role-play or when you are focusing on an object you are tapping on.

3) Focus on details

That is very important. Many ASMR artists just grab an object and tap on it. Finding new sounds is much more effective. It looks natural and people like to watch others play with items so you even add another ASMR trigger to your video. Sometimes you might also find a new, pleasant sound of that item as well.

4) Be slow and gentle

Some people like it slow, some fast. However this is ASMR, not a race. You can make things such as fast tapping. But you definitely shouldn’t be too fast, loud and careless in all your videos. Unless you want that to be your image.

5) Don’t try to think of a topic, just watch the world

This is something new and established ASMR artists should do. We all sometimes feel like we have no creativity, no imagination. Generally those issues are only made stronger when we push ourselves to come up with an idea. I recommend not to order yourself to have an idea right now.

What works really well for ASMR is using situations from real life for your ASMR topics.  For example, it’s good when you are sitting in a waiting room of your doctor and there are kids playing with toys and then ‘BOOM’, an ASMR idea is born. It is usually much more effective, creative and even real when you first experience the situation and then you put it into a video.

When you sit behind your table with paper and pen you might forget many aspect of the situation you want to picture in your video. After a real experience you won’t forget anything and you can even make it more believable. Plus the best and most original ideas usually come unexpectedly – so always keep your ASMR ideas diary nearby!

6) Be interactive

The thing you should consider is how deeply you want to be dedicated to your channel. Note that many people search for ASMR videos to find relief from mental issues such as insomnia, anxieties or they just might feel lonely so they watch your personal attention videos.

It is good to stay in touch with them and have a close relationship with them. I don’t mean to write all of them every day, but rather reply to all comments and messages as long as it’s possible.  This is something your audience will appreciate a lot – they will not only like your videos but they will also like your personality.

7) Be proud of your decision

ASMR is very sensitive topic in society. You should think twice if you really want to make ASMR videos. It’s not good if you do it secretly or feel embarrassed about it. Also when someone posts rude or humiliating comment on your video,  please, be strong.

You help so many people you should rather be proud of what you’ve decided to do. Some people who watch your channel can’t sleep without your videos at all. At some point it’s not only about you making videos but also about the people who find you incredibly helpful. So there is kind of a big responsibility.

8) Do what you’re ready for

Different people, different tastes. You’ll receive a lot of requests for ASMR videos weekly. Some of them may sound really weird. Never do anything you don’t feel comfortable about. There are many trolls who think that making ASMR content equals making anything they tell you to make.

Be yourself do what you’re ready for. If you feel unprepared for showing your face, making role-plays or certain topics, then take you’re time. If you push yourself to do it, people will see it and there will be no ASMR effect at all.

9) Do it with somebody

If you’re not sure that you have enough time for an ASMR channel or if you’re a little bit insecure in front of camera, then there is no better decision than creating a channel with somebody. Watching people interact is an amazing ASMR trigger.

When you make a video with your friend, family member, or whoever,  even you can enjoy ASMR. The issue is that your audience may separate into two parts – each part may prefer one of you. However it only depends on your approach if it influences your relationship. It is also very important to do what YOU like. I mean – you are the protagonist here, right? 🙂

10) Make videos at night

Last but definitely not least, it’s exhausting and sometimes you have to have a powerful will but it’s worth it. The only thing that is worse than hundreds of cuts in your video is when you are try to make videos and there are dogs barking, cars passing by, people swearing and people making loud noises.  That can be very frustrating.

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