Interview with the YouTube ASMR artist, Holly Rosi

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityHolly is an ASMR artist who lives in London, England and creates videos for her YouTube Channel, Holly Rosi (formerly Holly ASMR).

She starting creating videos less than a year ago but has already posted over 100 videos on her channel and is about to hit 30,000 followers.

To achieve that many followers that quickly is a testament to the quality of her videos and the genuine and consistent effort she puts into her productions.

In my interview with Holly she shares her recent inspiration for creating ASMR videos, her most popular video, her biggest challenges, valuable tips for new ASMR artists, and how her videos are helping others.

Below are my questions in bold, her replies in italics, and links to view her videos and more.

When did you first learn about ASMR?

Holly, “I first experienced ASMR at a very young age when I was at school even before I knew what it was or meant. My first experience was when my school teacher came over to mark my work and she spoke in a very quiet soft spoken voice, which made me feel very sleepy and gave me a tingly feeling. I had no idea what I was feeling, but I knew I liked it and felt good!

About 2 years ago, I was looking for meditations on YouTube and came across some videos titled ‘ASMR’ I wondered what that word meant so I did some research into it. I was instantly drawn to these videos and never found them weird like some people do. I felt I understood it straight away and couldn’t stop listening to the sounds I was hearing.

It was interesting because I have always been spiritual and teaching meditation myself to some clients who have always mentioned my voice was soothing, little did I know I was actually doing some form of ASMR in my meditations myself.

Around 8 months ago I started making ASMR videos because I felt I wanted to give something back to the ASMR community who had helped me so much with anxiety and sleep.”

What inspired you to begin creating ASMR videos in 2016?

Holly, “ASMR has helped me so much with anxiety and getting to sleep, the soothing sounds and soft whispering voices gave me such a sense of relaxation that I felt I wanted to give something back by trying it out myself. I had been thinking about creating ASMR videos for a few months before actually putting it into action until I had a dream that I was creating them, thats when I found the courage to give it a go.

I’ve always had a naturally soft spoken voice and had background experience with relaxation since I had created meditations in the past, so I felt it was an area that I was always meant to go into, but just hadn’t discovered it yet.

I love making ASMR videos because I feel so relaxed while making them. The whole experience is a joy to me, and its so satisfying that there is a quiet whispering side of youtube that is becoming more and more mainstream.”

How would you describe your style and the content in your videos?

Holly, “I’ve always been a spiritual down to earth girl, who likes to help people, so I always like to see my content as uplifting and empowering in some way. Viewers can expect relaxation when they come to my channel, its a place to go when they want to switch off for a while and enjoy soothing sounds.

My subscribers mention they love hearing my soft spoken or whispered voice most of all. I like to create a variety of different ASMR videos to suit everyone in the intention of relaxing them by relieving stress or anxiety, helping them to sleep or even giving them tingles.”

What is your most popular video so far?

Holly, “My most popular video so far is a soft spoken and whispered meditation video, its a sleep clinic role-play where I guide them to sleep with face brushing and soothing sounds. This was a video I made while I was in San Francisco, California and was shortly after I started making ASMR videos. This reassured me that people liked my content. Another few popular videos of mine are my Ear Eating and Unintelligible Whispering videos.”

What is the biggest challenge for you as an ASMR artist?

Holly, “My biggest challenge so far is keeping out background noise! Nothing frustrates me more than being in the middle of filming an ASMR video and a dog starts barking outside or someone decides to start mowing the lawn. An important part of the ASMR experience is to focus on the sounds you’re hearing without any other distractions to take you out of that relaxing space you’re in.

Apart from that, at times trying to suit everyones needs can become a challenge because everyone has a different preferred trigger that works for them, however I’ve learnt to take on board any suggestions my viewers request but most importantly I like to keep a variety of content that I will be proud of and enjoy making.”

What advice or tips would you give to new ASMR artists?

Holly, “Its amazing how much the ASMR community is growing, even now I’m seeing new ASMRtists popping up all over the place. My advice would be to make sure you understand what ASMR is all about before you start creating content for it.

I saw a new ASMR channel recently where she was whispering but mentioned in the description of her video that she didn’t really feel comfortable whispering. This instantly put me off and made me question why she was making ASMR at all if she didn’t like to whisper?

If you are not relaxed or happy with the content you’ve put out, then your viewers will see through this. If you’re relaxed, then your subscribers will be. My advice is don’t create a channel just because you feel its a growing trend, if you aren’t going to stay in it for the long run, or don’t feel ASMR resonates with you deep down. If you feel a connection with ASMR, then give it a go, you’ll be surprised at how creative you can become!

For those who are passionate about ASMR and feel it has helped them, try to experiment with different trigger sounds in your own free time, and only make videos that you feel comfortable making. Be unique, put your own individual spin on it and know that confidence comes in time!”

How do you think your ASMR videos are helping others?

Holly, “Based on the majority of comments I get underneath my videos, my viewers tell me that my videos help them to go to sleep. I feel most of my subscribers play my videos at night time, before bed to help them to relax and fall into a peaceful sleep.

Lots of viewers come for the anxiety relief and tingles as well, but going by my comments and most popular videos I would say its all about helping them to sleep.

A comment I recently got said ‘I can’t go a night without falling asleep to your relaxing voice, you have helped me so much, thank you!'”

If you could choose to learn more about one aspect of ASMR through science and research, what would it be?

Holly, “I’d be interested in exploring how VR can create immersive ASMR experiences, more about 3D audio and 360 videos.”

Connect with Holly and her videos:

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