History of ASMR: the early ASMR-type videos (podcast episode #3)

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityMany people initially discover their ability to have ASMR through real world experiences.

These experiences may include having their hair being played with by a friend, hearing someone whisper, being examined by a clinician, listening to someone nearby turn the pages of a magazine, or watching someone perform a dedicated task like painting or origami.

Surprisingly, it has turned out that just hearing and/or watching these experiences in a recorded format can also stimulate ASMR.

In 2009, several individuals on the internet began intentionally simulating some of these popular ASMR triggers in videos – giving rise to intentional ASMR videos and ASMR video channels.

But these were not the first videos that people were watching to purposely trigger their deep relaxation and tingles.

Prior to 2009, many videos which stimulated an ASMR-type sensation were mostly discovered by accident.

In this podcast episode, I will highlight some of these early ASMR-type videos which would serve as the inspiration for many ASMR artists and their videos in the future.

I will also be reading quotes from individuals who stumbled across these strangely soothing videos prior to 2009 and were amazed at how the videos were so relaxing and helpful to falling asleep.

In particular you will hear about videos of Bob Ross, Tony Hart, Nisiyouri, Acharya Shree Yogeesh, unboxings, makeup tutorials, massage instructionals with Lita, and individuals whispering.

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3 thoughts on “History of ASMR: the early ASMR-type videos (podcast episode #3)

  1. A big thank you to you Dr.Richard.
    I am taking benefits of reading the results of your hard work, for my masters’ essay. A great ref in my bibliography, and simultaneously enjoying the podcast whispers.


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  3. Fabulous! I somehow missed that you’d started a podcast so was delighted when I was catching up on your site today to find this! Also thanks so much for reminding me of Tony Hart – I’ll post some of his vids on my facebook page so that more peeps can find him. I loved watching him as a child 🙂


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