History of ASMR: Birth of the ASMR Community (podcast episode #2)

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityOctober 29, 2007 could be viewed as the birth date of the ASMR community.

On this day, an individual by the username of “okaywhatever” started a forum thread at the website http://www.steadyhealth.com.

The title of the thread was, “Weird sensation feels good” and attracted over 300 replies.  The content of these initial replies quickly created a clear and consistent description of ASMR which still accurately describes ASMR today.

Some of the participants in the thread, such as Jennifer Allen and Andrew MacMuiris, spawned out and developed resources which were monumental to the growth and understanding of ASMR.

Overall, this forum thread lead directly to the following ASMR milestones:

  • the first global cataloging of ASMR sensations and triggers
  • the first ASMR discussion sites
  • the first ASMR blog
  • the first ASMR research website
  • the possible first sharing of YouTube links for stimulating ASMR
  • the coining of several terms for the sensation before it was called ASMR
  • and the coining of the term ‘ASMR’

In the podcast file below, you will hear the curious details about the above milestones.

I will also read the first 10 replies to okaywhatever’s post in 2007, and you will be amazed at how much of the understanding of ASMR today was already present in those first replies.

And I will read to you the top 10 posts which I culled out of 300+ total posts because of their contribution to the birth of the ASMR community and/or to the understanding of ASMR.

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