[Voices of ASMR] What triggers ASMR in the real world?

Based on your ASMR experiences…

Explain what triggers ASMR for you in the real world, include details like:

  • Are you triggered by voices? sounds? sights? touches? smells? other?
  • Which of the above trigger types is the strongest for you?
  • What real world situations trigger your ASMR the strongest?
  • Do your immediate surroundings make a difference?
  • Is the sensation similar or different from ASMR triggered by a video or audio recording?

Scroll down and share your answers in the Comments section.

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61 thoughts on “[Voices of ASMR] What triggers ASMR in the real world?

  1. Mainly through incidental music I hear as I go about my day but there was an instance of having 18 in my crib while playing cards that set it off. Afterwards, my opponent told me no to try Poker


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  3. I’m 50 now and just discovered ASMR videos about a year ago. as long as I can remember sounds of books wrapped in plastic, page turning, all kinds of paper and plastic, whispering with mouth sounds, basically anytime I went to a library, typing and other stuff would send me into almost a trance. I didn’t want to leave. I think PBS had the best microphones in the world. I could listen to Mr. Rogers, Bob Ross and Charlie Rose all day it seemed. It didn’t matter what they were talking about. I use my hands, pencils, pens or wire to enhance the experience. Its not sexual for me as I have looked for those types of videos and its just not the same stimulus. I watch videos mostly at night for as long as I want and its more enjoyable because its private and I can watch as long as I want.


  4. Physical touch- A doctor performing an exam on me, putting the stethoscope on my back, on my chest, the doctor’s gentle touch. Also, once I’m in that state then even when the doctor is no longer touching me but just talking to me, pretty much any movement by the doctor or just their speaking triggers it. Other examples of physical touch is someone doing my hair or makeup.

    Seeing physical touch on someone or something else. Seeing someone doing someone else’s hair. Seeing someone gently trace the words on a page in a book with their finger. Seeing someone gently unzip a zipper and slowly zip it back up. Slow arts and crafts.

    Sound- unsure because sound without the visual is less of a trigger for me.

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  5. For me, it is usually always voices, though sometimes it can be a combination of personal attention and/or voices. For example, one day I was having a conversation with a chinese woman (in english, but she had a noticeable accent) and she began speaking, uninterrupted for a few straight minutes,and the next thing I know I’m in a trance like state where I’m so zoned out it’s like I’m not in my body, but someplace where I’m DEEPLY relaxed.
    The other thing that really does it is personal attention, (like doctors exams where they’re gently all up in your face, or haircuts, spa treatments, getting my hair brushed, etc.) And ESPECIALLY if it’s a combination of someone speaking softly and providing personal attention, that’s the easiest way to trigger ASMR for me.

    So now that I know this, I watch ASMR videos, and if I let myself focus on the video completely and don’t allow myself to be distracted by anything else, then most of the time I can achieve that feeling (if I’m watching the right video)


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