[Voices of ASMR] What triggers ASMR in the real world?

Based on your ASMR experiences…

Explain what triggers ASMR for you in the real world, include details like:

  • Are you triggered by voices? sounds? sights? touches? smells? other?
  • Which of the above trigger types is the strongest for you?
  • What real world situations trigger your ASMR the strongest?
  • Do your immediate surroundings make a difference?
  • Is the sensation similar or different from ASMR triggered by a video or audio recording?

Scroll down and share your answers in the Comments section.

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61 thoughts on “[Voices of ASMR] What triggers ASMR in the real world?

  1. Difficult question, but I think that the answer is different for everyone. Personally for me, I’m triggered by kind people who speak eccentrically.

    In the real world, one of my strongest experiences was when I was young and my father took me to a jeweler’s to resize a ring

    The old man who owned the jeweler’s brought me over to his stone examination station, and calmly whispered to me and explained how he worked on different pieces of jewelery, and he spoke in such a calm, loving, and unique way. He was even kind enough to offer me chocolates. It still is to this day, my strongest ASMR experience.


  2. a car engine in the distance triggers my asmr, people with soft relaxing voices, and when people play with my hair. I had a eye doctor who spoke in a low gravely yet soft spoken voice. He would get very close during exams and would speak to me, make verbal notes, and murmer ear to ear as he exalted my right and left eye separately. The up close attention combined with the soft spoken gravely voice made me tingle from the top of my head down my spine.


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