[Voices of ASMR] What triggers ASMR in the real world?

Based on your ASMR experiences…

Explain what triggers ASMR for you in the real world, include details like:

  • Are you triggered by voices? sounds? sights? touches? smells? other?
  • Which of the above trigger types is the strongest for you?
  • What real world situations trigger your ASMR the strongest?
  • Do your immediate surroundings make a difference?
  • Is the sensation similar or different from ASMR triggered by a video or audio recording?

Scroll down and share your answers in the Comments section.

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61 thoughts on “[Voices of ASMR] What triggers ASMR in the real world?

  1. My first ASMR experience was at the age of around 7 when one of my school friends (later she was my best friend in primary school) helped me paint something at art class; she took my painting brush, leaned a bit toward my side of the table, then described what she was doing and I watched her do the painting…

    Later in my life people (2 women in particular) with soft vocals reading a bible at church triggered ASMR.

    It is interesting, that soetimes it seems that only the vicinity of certain people triggers tingles (someone on the bus, asking me, if he/she could sit next to me, or just random people near me who start their interaction with me by first talking to me…


  2. First I want to point out that I can’t be triggered by videos, although I have tried. My triggers all come from other people live in person. Here’s my list of triggers: When someone softly hums a song, that’s probably my biggest trigger. Also, I go to the library alot, and not so much to read but for the purpose of getting triggered because there’s always at least one person whispering at any given time and I try to find the whisperers so I can stand or sit next to them! It sounds so bizarre but just hearing people whisper will trigger that ASMR and send me into euphoria! Another big one for me is if I smell another man wearing Old Spice cologne and he happens to be talking I get the warm fuzzies. And last but not least getting a haircut is a big trigger.


  3. I am triggered by some one brushing or playing with my hair, tapping sounds, seeing some one perform complex tasks and oddly enough, just talking about ASMR


    • Yes!! Me too! But for me, leave out the talking about asmr. I also have this feeling when I am in a dark rook watching a movie in class or in a dark room listening to a read aloud (im young so i go to grade school still).


  4. My earliest memories of having ASMR was in kindergarten. We were sitting on the floor, someone was reading a story to us and one of my classmates was very gently braiding a small section of my hair. I also experience it when I watch people “work” (ie Drawing with pencils, people trying to solve a problem, measuring and cutting paper, even watching people mow the lawn). One of the strongest ASMR’s I’ve ever had was when the maintenance guy was trying to find a key. We had about 100 set of spare keys in my office.Each set had one to three keys on a ring with a tag on, those round paper and metal ones. I couldn’t see him, I could just hear him. It may have been the combination of him working to find something with the gentle tinkling of the keys against the metal tag. He may have been mumbling to himself, too. I couldn’t move the entire time he was searching … even now, just thinking about it, it gives me a very mild tingle.


  5. I’ve always wondered what that tingling sensation was. For me, I noticed it most when someone touched or used something of mine. Someone using my pencil or writing in my book gave me (and still does) that feeling. I would stay calm and hope to myself that they would continue doing whatever it was that triggered that feeling because I really really didn’t want it to go away. And it’s not like I can say “hey can you please keep going in my pencil pouch, it feels good”…imagine how that would go. I craved these moments because I couldn’t pinpoint other direct sources of that tingly feeling that I love and feel blessed that I am able to experience. I say blessed because I realized that not everyone can feel it(I’ve asked). Then I looked up “what is that feeling you get when someone touches your stuff” It led me to a list of yahoo answers about why people hate it when people touch their stuff but that was NOT me. So I was more specific with my next search: “What is that tingly sensation in my head (leaving out when someone touches my things bc there may be other triggers). And BAM I found AMSR. Reading through articles and experiences helped me because I realize that I am not alone. I also found lists of triggers that allow me to get that feeling. It’s sounds, touches, and other things. I still love it when people play in my hair or use my things but I find even when they’re not doing that, I can easily find a YouTube video to help me out. I can’t explain this to people without seeming weird. I don’t feel that it is weird at all and honestly I’m sorry that so many people can’t experience the pleasure that I feel when I am triggered. I wish so badly that I could invite someone to feel these experiences with. Today, I sent a friend an ASMR whispering video to listen to and asked her what she felt. She said..”creeped out.” I’m like really? No tingly feeling? Nothing? And she’s like “no..I can hear her mouth opening, why is she speaking so slow?” No one really gets it unless they have it but I’m sooo glad I’m not the only person that gets it. Seriously, it’s like a head-gasm(just made that up lol) without any work. Thank you to all that shared. I’m grateful to have found people like myself. I truly hope that ASMR becomes more widely known and science finds a way to explain it to me. For now, I’ll just consider it a blessing. I feel like I can relax better than some people.


    • Don’t worry you’re not weird and you’re not alone! I literally found out the name of of this phenomenon just last night after doing internet searches trying to see if other people share this gift I’ve had all my life. When those “brain orgasms” happen it’s almost like living fully in those moments, being totally and completely relaxed. And what’s bizarre is that for me, I almost tend to think of myself as an “ASMR vampire” for lack of a better term because I go out of my way to seek out people who will trigger me. For example, I go to the library quite often to find people who are whispering or reading quietly to themselves and once I find them I will sit somewhat close just to hear them and “feed” off their whispers. Really bizarre I know! But unlike a real vampire it’s harmless 🙂 There’s this one guy who is always there everytime I go to the library and he is always doing mathematical problems and whispering to himself formulas and shuffling paper around. And listening to him doing all that always gives me the best brain-gasms! …So I am glad you and I and others have this gift and as strange and odd as it is, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


    • I totally relate to you, and your thoughts are my thoughts litterally.
      Isn’t ASMR amasing?
      I have found this term only recently at the age of 37 although I have experienced it for 30 years, not knowing, what was it.
      I simply can not believe that some doubt it’s existence when so many of us have described it. It is however a feeling that someone might feel ashamed of, because you need other people to trigger it…


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