ASMR artist to talk about surviving narcissistic abuse and the benefits of ASMR at Sept 28 2019 conference in the UK

Snetha Badhan is a British Indian living in the United Kingdom, a  certified Person-Centred Counsellor, and the ASMR artist known as CoconutsWhisper on YouTube.

Snetha is also a survivor of Honour Based Violence, Forced Marriages, Gender Abuse, Discrimination, Immigration Fraud and an Admin in the Surviving the Narcissistic Ex Partner Closed Group UK /Worldwide on Facebook.

On September 28, 2019 she will speak  at the conference, “SURVIVE AND THRIVE AFTER NARCISSISTIC ABUSE”  which can be attended live at Manchester, UK or via an online webinar.  Here is a summary of the event:

“A day of key industry expert speakers on who will advise on how to overcome and combat abuse, how a Narcissists mind works and recovery and survival techniques. There will also be real survivors talking about their recovery and how they have managed to overcome and walk away from the ex Narcissist. You will have the opportunity to take part in a question and answer session, talk to other victims and to meet other like minded women who have gone through the same traumatic experiences as yourself!”

In my interview with Snetha she shares how narcissism has impacted her life, how ASMR has helped her, and important information about narcissistic abuse and the upcoming conference.

Below are my questions in bold, Snetha’s replies in italics, and links to learn more about   the upcoming conference.

How has narcissism/narcissists impacted your life?

I regret to have to share that I have been abused by those with NPD (Narcissistic personality disorder) for my whole life. The worst being by 4 of them in particular.

The impact of this caused CPTSD during abuse and PTSD afterwards along with anxiety, panic attacks and sadly leaving me in a suicidal state. This has been more recent. I speak further about this at conferences around the UK.

How has creating and/or viewing ASMR videos helped you? 

ASMR helped me during times of isolation. Although this was partly due to having a disabled son but also as the perpetrator used this same reason to isolate me further.

ASMR video’s comforted me as I felt the artist was talking to me whilst being so alone. Furthermore, as I began making video’s I was able to connect with people. However once the perpetrator realised I was becoming recognised in our community he covertly made it difficult for me to film and even interfered with recording equipment.

What advice would you give others about narcissism/narcissists?

If you or anyone you know is in a Narcissistic relationship PLEASE get out. They destroy lives to the point of mental breakdowns leading people towards suicide. As this is what happened to me by a Covert Narcissistic Sociopath but somehow I survived.

Furthermore, they can abuse on all levels as they have little to no emapthy, remorse or compassion. Again I am speaking about this as the conference’s.

Who would benefit from learning more about narcissism and attending this event? 

I would encourage everyone to learn about NPD. Many people are being abused by them but have no idea about it. I was one of these clueless, naive and gullible people. The most damaging technique they use is Gaslighting as you are brainwashed to double your own mind.

To learn more about NPD from worldwide specialist and to hear my survival story please consider attending our upcoming conference on the 28th September in Manchester UK for £37 (This is a not-for-profit event).   


Furthermore I am happy to announce that you can access the event via an online Webinar at a small fee of £10 (also a not-for-profit event) . Once booked you can view the conference during and/or after the event.


Please may I add, this is a women’s conference at the moment but a men’s conference will be available in the near future. 

May I also take this opportunity to thank our ASMR community for supporting me. I’m aware that I couldn’t upload as regularly as wished. I’m hoping this explains my reasons.
I am working on a full recovery and I will happily commit to making more content once it’s possible.

From my heart. I truly thank you all.

Regards, CoconutsWhisper aka Snetha Badhan.

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