[Voices of ASMR] Does ASMR help with a down mood or depression?

Based on your ASMR experiences…

Explain if ASMR helps you with a down mood, include details like:

  • How did you discover ASMR is helpful to a down mood?
  • Are there specific ASMR triggers or ASMR artists that help you to deal with a down mood the most?
  • How does ASMR compare with other methods or treatments you have used to deal with your mood?
  • Have you been diagnosed by a clinician with depression or other mood related conditions?
  • Have you discussed the effect of ASMR on your mood with your clinician?

Scroll down and share your answers in the Comments section.

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11 thoughts on “[Voices of ASMR] Does ASMR help with a down mood or depression?

  1. Since I was a kid, I’ve been suffering from depressions, although it hasn’t been diagnosed by a doctor. I suffer from mood swings that go from sadness to irritability and numbness.
    ASMR does not make me estatic but it makes me feel… well… Normal? Like I don’t feel any emotion but it’s not a burden. It’s soothing. It’s liberating. It’s a respite in my moods.
    It’s think it’s due to the feeling that comes from the videos: they’re always done to ease the pain, the stress, the whatever of someone. This is pure kindness. This is what people want from a practicioner.
    However, when I experience ASMR directly in my daily life, then, it makes me estatic, but it’s rare, now.
    Like anything else, ASMR can be two-edged. I listen to music to exorcize my bad moods, but sometimes it worsens it or irritates me. It’s the same for ASMR, although it’s not as ”dangerous” as music: the wrong sound triggers me badly, but it just irritates me.
    So yes, it helps with bad moods, but the effects fade away after a short amount of time and depression or whatever it is called comes back quickly. Besides, when I’m in a deep bad mood, I don’t want to listen to ASMR. I just want to cry. For me, ASMR is not the utmost treatment either.


  2. I have struggled with depression my whole life, and only recently discovered ASMR can help lift me out of a mood. Specifically Tony Bomboni’s videos, because he is such a positive person and the positivity he puts out rubs off on me. Like my response regarding ASMR used for stress/anxiety, ASMR videos alone do not help enough to end the depression. They are, however, a great coping skill to utilize. I have not told my clinician about ASMR.


  3. I usually don’t get depressed that often but, in general, I have found that taking time out to listen to some ASMR videos/podcasts are a great way to ‘reset’ your mood. Either from depression, stress etc.


  4. It helps to a certain extent. I have clinical depression and when I’m in a downward slope ASMR helps me relax but it doesn’t necessarily bring me up out of the mood.


  5. It truly helps both with depression or simply having a bad mood. Personally I’m usually sad and went through depression about a year ago. ASMR played a big part in getting me out of that state emotionally. Daily. The sensation of ASMR itself is very soothing, and I always say that apart from the pleasant relaxing goosebumpy-feeling on my skin, what I feel while watching ASMR videos, is peace, trust, safety, knowing nothing will hurt me. Things that fight anxiety, and things that everyone should feel in their day/life. So, managing to make my mind feel at ease while, feeling generally sad, is just like sweeping a dirty floor. It will soon need sweeping again but for now it s pristine. In the long run, one can see just how much ASMR helps with anxiety, exactly because it takes a while until someone realizes, that the relaxed minutes/hours of their day they spent feeling ASMR really, REALLY made a difference. Either that is from a video or in real life. It took me some tie to realize that myself, but now I use ASMR as a natural, beautiful remedy. For everything. It s the most natural and effective medicine for the mind.


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