[Voices of ASMR] Does ASMR help with focusing or ADD?

Based on your ASMR experiences…

Explain if ASMR helps you to focus, include details like:

  • How did you discover ASMR helped you to focus?
  • What tasks or situations does ASMR help you to focus on?
  • Are there specific ASMR triggers or ASMR artists that help you to focus the most?
  • How does ASMR compare with other methods or treatments you have used to help you focus?
  • Have you been diagnosed by a clinician with ADD, ADHD or other related condition?
  • Have you discussed the effect of ASMR on your ability to focus with your clinician?

Scroll down and share your answers in the Comments section.

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8 thoughts on “[Voices of ASMR] Does ASMR help with focusing or ADD?

  1. For me, ASMR is not really conducive to focusing. Occasionally I’ll put an ASMR tapping video or something else that doesn’t involve a visual, on in the background, mostly when I’m at home and doing something like reading articles or writing. Very very rarely I do this at work if I have a real craving for listening to ASMR or want to relax a bit or give my ears something to listen to which isn’t music. But while putting on some ASMR noise is nice, it doesn’t help me concentrate. Mostly it just makes me want to watch the video, and winds up being more distracting.


  2. When I learned about my specific triggers that help with different aspects of ADHD. A soft voice peaking repetitive/incoherent words, affirmations, tongue clicking, crinkling, brushing, multilayered sounds, binairal beats, isochronic tines, nature sounds, and a constant stream of relaxing soundstriggers/ that don’t demand any active engagement helps me calm down from overstimulation and stress to where I can relax and focus.

    From there, personal attention asmr’s with a quirky theme or a roleplay help me hyperfocu s or refocus my attention so I can be productive. but only after I’m already calm. However it can add to my stress if I’m already stressed or overstimulated from too much going on.

    This is similar to when I’m overstimulated I often go outside or somewhere quiet to calm down, and when I want to focus I have to work my way into it, or work my way into another task if I’m huperfocused, and meditation or focusing on myself for a moment usually does the trick. So I’m not surprised.

    I am undiagnosed right now but my GP has often considered it, but decided against it because I’m allergic to the meds. But my GP knows I do exercise, meditations, and videos to control my ADHD.


  3. Yes, absolutely! I’ve listened to various ASMR videos at work and at home doing work for school, and it really helped me concentrate! I used to get distracted by the littlest things, but no longer! I’ve seen myself finishing work at a faster and more efficient pace, and I’ve noticed that I no longer have anywhere as much anxiety when I’m working! The white noise and the relaxing tones of the videos have helped me immensely!


  4. as a young bloke with mild ADHD. when i have a bit of an average week at work. I find just sitting down when i get home and listening to ASMR helps a lot in calming me down and lowering my stress levels. i find after 10 minuets i become much less frantic for a lack of a better word. i seem to be able to just let my mind go and slow down Psychically and mentally. i would like to see some research on how ASMR effects the ADHD brain. i think it could be very helpful tool.


  5. Absolutly not.
    When I listen to ASMR, I’m kind of apathetic. My brain slows down (whereas it usually runs wild), I don’t think as much as I use to, so I become pretty unproductive. I can only do tasks that require a few attention, like drawing, surfing the internet at a really slow pace or watching the mountains through my windows.
    However, I have non official attention disorders and I have to admit that, right after listening to ASMR, I keep this slow functioning of my brain, therefore I am not so distracted by anything else around me and if I can’t follow a conversation, it’s not because I think too much but because I feel relaxed. I accidentally break way less things because I’m way more calm.

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  6. Even though I use ASMR for sleep, I also listen to it while I am working on the computer. My ASMR is mostly visual, so when I am working, I like to bring up audio-only videos on YouTube (which don’t usually make me sleepy).


  7. Yes, for me ASMR does. I discovered this by listening to ASMR at work and realized it made my day go by faster and less stressful. I’m able to focus on my work with the background “white noise”. Yes, me favorite ASMR artists are Whispers Red, Deluca ASMR, ASMRRequests, Tony Bamboni, GentleWhispering, MassageASMR, Fairy Char ASMR, Heather Feather, ASMR Massage PsycheTruth. I have not been diagnoses with ADD, ADHD or other condition.


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