Health benefits of ASMR for anxiety, insomnia, depression, and more.

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityI’ve created a new page for the website titled, “Health Benefits of ASMR.”

The page has a list of conditions which may be improved by experiencing ASMR.  Each condition includes supporting resources such as; published research, ongoing research, testimonials, and supportive articles.

Unfortunately, it will take a lot more research, especially clinical studies, before the potential clinical application of ASMR will be understood.  This new page just highlights some of the initial support that will hopefully assist and inspire other researchers and clinicians to do more studies.

If ASMR has helped you somehow, you can share your experience at the Voices of ASMR project and it will automatically be included to this new page.

If you know of a resource which highlights how ASMR has helped someone, then please send a link to and I’ll add it the page.

A current list of the potential health benefits of ASMR (with links to supporting resources) is below.


Stress and Anxiety

  • Published Research
  • Other Research
    • Ongoing: Majority of participants report that ASMR helps them to feel less stressed and about half of those  diagnosed with anxiety or panic disorders reported that ASMR helps them with their condition.
  • Testimonials and Support

Sleeplessness and Insomnia

Sadness and Depression

  • Published Research
    • 2015, Barratt et al: 80% of participants report effect on mood which is positive on average and those at high risk for depression report that ASMR improves their mood.
  • Other Research
    • Ongoing: About half of participants who often feel sad report ASMR helps them feel less sad and about one-third of those diagnosed with depression report ASMR is helpful to their condition.
  • Testimonials and Support

Focusing, Studying, Working, and ADD/ADHD

Pain, Chronic pain, Fibromyalgia

  • Published Research
    • 2015, Barratt et al: 42% of participants with chronic pain believed that watching ASMR videos had an effect on their symptoms.
  • Other Research
  • Testimonials and Support

Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Published Research
  • Other Research
  • Testimonials and Support

Other conditions

Support for ASMR by Health Insurance Agencies

Here is a link to the new page: Health Benefits of ASMR

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