Updates on the two ASMR movies in production, “Murmurs” and “P.A.I.N.”

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityThere are two ASMR full-feature films in production right now and the director of each film reached out to me this week with some updates.

“Murmurs” began production in 2015 and the Director, Graeme Cole, shared the following update with me:

“It’s been a nail-biting and, frankly, buttock-numbing few months, but we are on the verge of completing Murmurs. Our man in NYC has turned in a superb sound design; our man in Oslo has stirred up a digital palette to make your eyes tingle; our woman all over the place has been hard at work creating green screen backdrops of startling character and soul; and I’ve not been lazy, either.

In two weeks, I’ll see the film privately in a proper cinema for the first time, at which point we’ll determine any little technical tweaks that need making. Then we’ll finalize the thing and the next chapter begins; we’re already preparing to send it out. Hopefully, we can watch it together at some film festivals starting next spring time. I’ll also use the approaching winter to chisel out a trailer for the movie – so just you think of that while you’re eating your nut roast.

The crowdfund is still In Demand, and the more we raise, the better the festival campaign we can build…Please do share the details with your friends, be they ASMR addicts or indie film junkies. The perks are still available (indeed, we’re a bit behind on delivering some of them – sorry about that) although some will disappear over the next weeks as the film is finalized.

Do Like up our various outlets if you haven’t already… we’ll share up to the minute data bullets and tingle trinkets about Murmurs, and our other films. My previous movie ‘Epizoda ?’, also starring Murmurs’ Elma Selman, has some shortly-to-be-announced screenings coming up in France and Spain, for example.”

Visit the fundraising page for Murmurs HERE.

View video clips of the Director, Actors, and the Movie HERE.

Learn more about the Movie and the Director at these links: interview, update #1, update #2.

*2020 Update*: Murmurs now available as Vimeo Video on Demand: HERE

“P.A.I.N.” began production in 2016 and the Director, Mike Reed, shared the following update with me:

“PAIN is currently at the start post-production as the first assemble edit is being produced in the coming days/weeks. This will be the first of several rounds of picture editing. Once the picture edit has been refined and locked down appropriate music and sound effects may be added.

Once all that work has been approved for a final mixdown it will enter a colour grading phase and finally be top-and-tailed with titles and credit roll. We are still aiming for an early 2017 release.”

View a video clip of the first Teaser-Trailer HERE (warning from Mike, “It’s not all calming and there’s still an f-bomb right on the end”)

Learn more about the Movie and the Director in this  interview.

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