PhD candidate shares pilot data about ASMR, anxiety, and pain

Josephine Flockton is a recent graduate from the University of York, England, with a master’s degree in neuroscience and neuroimaging.  She is now pursuing her PhD in cognitive neuroscience.

Her PhD research thesis aims to be the first to explore what happens in the brain during an ASMR experience using the neuroimaging technique of magnetoencephalography (MEG), to further the understanding of ASMR and pain circuits in the brain.

In August, 2020 she launched a pilot survey to support the rationale of her PhD research which will begin October, 2021.  The pilot survey collected data regarding ASMR trigger preferences, frequency of use, and its potential impact on the daily lives of those who experience it, as well as on their anxiety and pain levels.

The pilot survey was granted ethical approval from The University of York Ethics Committee, was created using Qualtrics, and was posted on and (via a subreddit category for people who enjoy taking surveys and experience ASMR).

Josephine has graciously shared the results from her pilot survey.  Below are the number of respondents, the survey questions, and the survey responses.

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Filmmaker begins production of the ASMR-inspired movie, “P.A.I.N.”

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityMike Reed lives in Denmead, UK, has attended South Downs College, and has a Foundation Diploma in Fine Art from Portsmouth College Art & Design.

Mike also creates ASMR videos for his YouTube channel, “Show Me ASMR” and has begun production of a full feature length ASMR film titled, “P.A.I.N.”.

Mike’s movie “P.A.I.N.” now joins the movie “Murmurs” on a very short list of ASMR movies currently in production.

In my interview with Mike he shares his inspiration for creating an ASMR movie, information about other movies he has produced, why the movie is titled, “P.A.I.N.”, the types of ASMR triggers which will be incorporated into the production, and the release date of the movie.

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