Can ASMR improve memory and boost growth?

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversitySlow-wave sleep, also called deep sleep, is important for creating memories and releasing growth hormone.

Although no one has investigated the direct influence of ASMR on slow-wave sleep, a recent study did demonstrate the influence of listening to a hypnosis tape prior to sleeping on slow-wave sleep.

Stimulation by hypnotic triggers or ASMR triggers have a lot in common, and the biological responses to both may overlap.  Both types of triggers usually involve slow, soft, gentle speech from an individual with expertise.

The recent study demonstrated that some women experienced 80% more slow-wave sleep after listening to hypnosis tapes.

So perhaps listening to your favorite ASMR artist before bed could improve your memory and boost your growth.

Click HERE to read more about the study.

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