The ASMR video with the most hits on YouTube

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityWhat is the most popular ASMR video on YouTube?  The one with almost 6 million hits.

The video is titled “Oh such a good 3-D sound ASMR video” and has several popular ASMR triggers; tapping, ear-blowing, role-play, and scratching.

The video was created by Maria, AKA gentlewhispering, and she is one of my favorite ASMR artists.

She has an ideal voice for ASMR and knows how to use it by speaking softly and slowly.

She also moves slowly and whispers ear-to-ear, additional key elements to magical ASMR.

This video was posted in 2012 so it has had some time to generate all those hits.  But she also posted several other videos in 2012 so I wonder why this particular one moved to the top the fastest because all of her videos seem so good.

The video has over 27,000 thumbs up.  Comments include that it has helped several individuals with their anxiety, it tickled one person in their chest, and one person claimed they were a non-believer about ASMR until they watched this video.

The video also has around 2,000 thumbs down.  Some of these may just be from people that don’t experience ASMR at all, or don’t experience it with that specific video.

Someone did not like the wallpaper behind her.  Jeesh.

Anyway, do check it out, it is part of the “modern history” of ASMR.

Click HERE to watch the video.

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