[Voices of ASMR] Does ASMR help with a down mood or depression?

Based on your ASMR experiences…

Explain if ASMR helps you with a down mood, include details like:

  • How did you discover ASMR is helpful to a down mood?
  • Are there specific ASMR triggers or ASMR artists that help you to deal with a down mood the most?
  • How does ASMR compare with other methods or treatments you have used to deal with your mood?
  • Have you been diagnosed by a clinician with depression or other mood related conditions?
  • Have you discussed the effect of ASMR on your mood with your clinician?

Scroll down and share your answers in the Comments section.

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11 thoughts on “[Voices of ASMR] Does ASMR help with a down mood or depression?

  1. I initially began watching massage videos because I have chronic pain and often watching someone get a massage will help a bit with the pain. Then I realized some videos also triggered ASMR, and that helped with the pain even more. I think my pain and depression are deeply linked, and they come and go together, so the videos help with both.
    Other methods I have tried (cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, acupuncture, yoga, meditation/mindfulness, antidepressants) provide very different help than the videos. For instance, my best tools such as antidepressants, DBT group, and yoga are excellent long term tools but don’t offer potent solutions for my night time low-mood episodes. The ASMR videos come into play when I am too upset to sleep. They have an almost immediate, alleviating effect and help me get to sleep faster.
    Yes, I have been diagnosed with depression.
    No, I have not discussed ASMR with my clinician.


  2. In 1968 when I was eight years old I began to self stimulate an ASMR response daily during arithmetic lessons. There was a lot of family trauma going on as my older sister had become pregnant without being married and there were huge fight scenes between my Dad, Mom and sister. She had to go to a “home” for unwed mother’s & give up the baby for adoption – none of which I understood. I used to stare out the classroom window during quiet seatwork time, and focus my eyes on the sky outside and can remember the tingles as my eyes, and my head and my shoulders relaxed and I felt calm. I was always in trouble for “daydreaming “ & not doing my class work, got a spanking from the teacher and kept inside from recess for months as they tried to make me catch up on my missing work. For years I just thought I was bad at math, but as an adult I realize that the ASMR “sessions “ were my response to a very acute psychological need to control my own mind and thoughts during a period when everything in my family was out of control.


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