Interesting data from an ASMR spa survey

Would you be interested in an ASMR spa?

Amanda Rose Doherty is currently an Account Manager at a software company in Barcelona, Spain.  She received her Business Studies Degree in Marketing at Dublin City University.

Amanda was considering the idea of opening an ASMR spa.  She created a survey in 2016 to assess interest in this idea  and I wrote an article about her with a link to her survey.

The bad news is that Amanda has shifted her focus away from creating an ASMR spa, but the good news is that she has shared the results of her survey with me – and the data shows that there is a strong interest in ASMR spas.

She had over 600 responses and has given me permission to share her interesting data below.  Below are results from her survey, followed by a link if you would like to learn more about her.

Total responses to survey: 675

  • Yes, experience ASMR: 607 (90%)
  • No, don’t experience ASMR: 26 (4%)
  • Unsure if experience ASMR: 38 (6%)

Total participants in the following data: 607

The following data is specific to those who reported experiencing ASMR (n = 607).  This allows the data to be more finely tuned and accurate about ASMR.  The most popular response for each question is bolded.

Are you male or female? (no non-binary option given)

  • Female: 79%
  • Male: 21%

What is your age?

  • 18-24: 53%
  • 25-34: 30%
  • 35-44: 11%
  • 45 or older: 6%

Where do you live?

  • North America: 68%
  • Europe: 27%
  • Other: 5%

I watch ASMR videos

  • Yes: 99%
  • No: 1%

ASMR videos help me to: (multiple selection)

Results unclear bc participants could have chosen “all the above” and additional response(s).

  • Fall asleep: 62%
  • Feel less stressed: 61%
  • Feel comforted: 52%
  • Feel happier: 26%
  • All the above: 49%

I prefer to watch ASMR videos: (multiple selection)

  • In my home: 99%
  • At work: 13%
  • On public transport: 5%
  • In a public setting: 2%

Favourite types of stimuli? (multiple selection)

Data shown as: Total % (% of females/% of males)

  • Hair touching: 85% (90/67)
  • Light touch: 78% (80/69)
  • Whispering: 74% (74/72)
  • Soft speaking: 70% (69/73)
  • Massage: 67% (68/62)
  • Tapping: 61% (64/48)
  • Caring tone/voice: 57% (58/51)
  • Stroking: 50% (53/38)
  • Physical examination: 49% (48/50)
  • Slow hand movements: 49% (53/35)
  • Grooming: 44% (44/44)
  • Scratching: 44% (45/37)
  • Crinkling: 39% (42/23)
  • Mouth sounds: 31% (28/42)
  • Eye gazing: 12% (11/18)
  • Chewing: 6% (6/10)

Would you pay to see your favourite ASMRtist(s) in a live setting?

  • Yes: 85%
  • No: 15%

If a real-life ASMR spa were available today, how likely would you be to use it?

  • Extremely: 75%
  • Quite: 17%
  • Moderately: 5%
  • Slight: 2%
  • Not at all: 0%

I would use the following ASMR spa services: (multiple selection)

  • Get a massage from an ASMRtist: 90%
  • Get my hair brushed by an ASMRtist: 88%
  • Watch ASMRtists perform my favourite stimuli in real-time: 59%
  • Get my nails painted by an ASMRtist: 37%
  • Watch ASMR YouTube videos: 22%
  • Watch an ASMRtist in real-time performing my favourite stimuli on another person: 20%
  • Watch my laundry folded by an ASMRtist: 9%

I prefer/I would prefer:

  • To be directly involved/be the subject in a role play (e.g. getting hair brushed, being whispered to): 86%
  • To watch a role play with someone else as the subject: 4%
  • Both: 16%
  • Neither: 1%

Would you travel to experience the services of an ASMR spa?

  • Yes, only within my own country:  70%
  • Yes, internationally: 12%
  • No: 22%

My deep appreciation to Amanda Rose Doherty for collecting and sharing this helpful and interesting data about ASMR, ASMR experiencers, and ASMR spas.

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