Whisperlodge, a new live ASMR spa-type experience

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityI’ve reported previously about spas in Canada and Ireland offering or considering ASMR-type services.

Brooklyn, NY, USA now joins the list with the announcement of Whisperlodge, a concept which is self-described as,

“An immersive spa for the senses, coaxing you to tune in to yourself with live ASMR.”

The description at one of the Whisperlodge websites continues with additional details,

“At Whisper Lodge, we transform ASMR into an indulgent immersive experience.

Six guides lead six guests through special one-on-one treatments designed to relax the body and mind, expand awareness, and heighten the senses.

Please note:
– Run time is approximately two hours.
– This experience involves blindfolds, lying down, and walking. Please dress comfortably.
– Your face and hair will be touched, so minimal make-up and hair styling is advised.
– Phones and other electronic devices will be securely stored away at the start of the show.
– This performance does require all participants to climb some stairs.”

It does not seem to be a pre-existing spa which has added ASMR-type services, but rather a service which was specifically started to focus on live, in-person ASMR.

The website describes their location as, “a secret location” with ASMR sessions by appointment only.

Each 2 hour session is currently $60 with dates scheduled for November 10–13, 2016, December 15–18, 2016, and January 12–15, 2017.

An article  at circa.com included additional details about the future of this concept from Andrew Hoepfner and Melinda Luaw, two of the individuals involved with Whisperlodge,

“Ideally, Hoepfner and Lauw want to open a permanent ASMR spa in New York City. The spa would offer a similar experience to Whisperlodge in one-on-one sessions with a guide. It would also offer a communal room, where a single ASMRtist could lead a group session. And they’d allow special requests, should someone want, say, 90 minutes of hair brushing. “It’s kind of like ASMR on demand,” said Hoepfner.”

You can learn more about Whisperlodge at these sites:

Read more about ASMR spas and live ASMR:

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