“The ASMRtist Show”, the first podcast about ASMR artists.

Jose Prendes, a filmmaker in Los Angeles, has recently started a new podcast about ASMR called, “The ASMRtist Show.”

Jose records his podcast in his home studio and already has completed several episodes. I was honored to be the first guest on his show. Jose was a terrific host and it was quite an enjoyable interview.

I sent Jose some questions to learn more about him and his new podcast.  Now I get to turn the table and ask Jose questions.

Jose shares why he wanted to kick off his show with a scientist, offers insight about what makes a good ASMR artist, gives some tips for starting your own podcast, and spills the beans on which ASMR artists you will hear in his next five episodes.

Below are my questions in bold followed by his replies in italics.

What inspired you to create an ASMR podcast?

Jose, “I am a fan of both things, and I ran a podcast a while back that since went off the air (or went off line, I guess).

I wanted to be a part of the community and I knew I didn’t have the chops to do ASMR videos, so I wanted to be the cheerleader for those that did!”

Do you experience ASMR?

Jose, “Oh, absolutely! I get chills up and down my back, and my scalp tingles. It’s fantastic!”

I was quite flattered to be your first guest. Why did you decide to lead off a podcast show about ASMRtists with an interview with a scientist?

Jose, “Well, I was quite flattered that you agreed to be on! The show was going to be primarily about ASMRtists, but I wanted to kick it off with some kind of scientific basis for those who weren’t sure what ASMR was, or might be unsure if they got it.

I felt it painted the subject in a more concrete way, and took it out of the ‘new-agey’ world that some think it exists in.

Having a doctor on the show, who not only gets tingles, but is an advocate with his own ASMR website, was the best way to get legitimized as a show and to legitimize the topic for those coming in blind to listen.”

What do you think listeners will find the most interesting in the first episode?

Jose, “I think the most fascinating thing is that ASMR isn’t like ESP or something that not everyone can do (or no one, depending on who you ask). ASMR is for everyone and the detailing to the specific feelings and bodily responses will really help folks pinpoint what ASMR is for them.

Also, I think folks will just really enjoy YOUR voice, Craig!”

I tend to focus a lot on the science of ASMR, but another important aspect to understanding ASMR is to understand the art of ASMR. What do you think makes a good ASMRtist?

Jose, “Being genuine is the number one thing for me. The ASMRtists have to be themselves for this to work. Their special hobbies and the way they talk and what they consider important make their whispers unique and if they pretend to be something they’re not, then it just won’t work.

A bright and cheery, optimistic streak doesn’t hurt either!”

What challenges did you encounter during the development and launching of your podcast program?

Jose, “The biggest challenge is time. I have two kids and a career as a filmmaker and novelist, so balancing interviewing and editing time on top of all that has been interesting. But it’s a labor of love and I hope people enjoy it.”

If someone wanted to start a podcast for the first time, what tips do you have for them?

Jose, “Listen to a few podcasts, figure out what you like and don’t like. It’s fairly easy to get started, really.

Once you know what your show is about, get a decent mic and start recording on audacity or garage band. I recommend you host through buzzsprout.com, because they have been good to me.”

What should listeners expect in future episodes of the podcast?

Jose, “In general, expect fun and candid interviews with ASMRtists who only want to spread peace and love and relaxation. Expect fun segments that I will begin to roll out shortly, including ASMR movie and book review portions to the show!

Specifically, we have Emma from WhispersRed ASMR on episode 2, and she’s great! It was a really fun interview, I know the fans will dig it. Then we have CJ from Soundbuds on YouTube on episode 3, who will be starting the ASMR movie reviews for us soon.

Then on episode 4 we feature a wonderful interview with another YouTube ASMRtist, Visual Sounds! Episode five will feature an interview with Smilin’ Observer and six will have us chatting with Somni ASMR, both from YouTube.”

Click HERE to go to “The ASMRtist Show” website

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