‘The ASMR Podcast’ showcases a diversity of ASMR artists

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityGerry Parks is a Project Manager at a software development company in Glasgow, Scotland.  He has his BA degree in Business and his MSc degree in Information Technology.

Gerry also has a new podcast called, ‘The ASMR Podcast.’

Although he created this podcast, you won’t hear his voice on it…at least not yet.  Gerry initially created the podcast as an audio-only platform to help launch new ASMR artists and to help established artists reach new audiences.

In my interview with Gerry he shares the ASMR artists featured so far, his inspiration for creating the podcast, tips for starting a podcast, and more.

Below are my questions in bold, his replies in italics, and links to the website and to the iTunes page for The ASMR Podcast.

How would you describe The ASMR Podcast?

Gerry, “From two perspectives: Firstly, for listeners we aim to provide ASMR audio in an environment that is dominated by the visual medium.  Many people enjoy listening to artists as they relax or drift off to sleep and we are attempting to provide content specifically designed for this.

In addition to this we see the podcast as a platform for new and existing artists to reach out to a new audience and grow their own personal ‘brand’ (not really a word I like to use, but I think you understand what I mean) as well as giving their existing audience a new means of consuming their work.

We offer the artists the opportunity to host either a series or one off show, which we promote for them.  All creative elements are left to the artists themselves and they are free to promote their existing YouTube channels or other ASMR ventures.” 

Which ASMR artists have you featured so far and how would you describe their content?

Gerry, “So far we have featured:

  • Tariq a Scottish male artist who reviews Blu-ray steel books of classic movies.  This was his first venture into ASMR production.
  • Whisper Sparkles is an established ASMR artist who provides us with occasional content.  She is originally from Northern Ireland and performs roleplay audio as well as providing background into her own ASMR experiences.
  • Ariel ASMR is another established artist on YouTube and she focuses on specific trigger sounds and techniques.  Ariel is from England.
  • Hermetic Kitten has been producing ASMR videos for a significant time and we were delighted to get her onboard.  She is half Italian/half Venezuelan and travels and works all over Europe.” 

I believe you do experience ASMR, how would you describe your triggers and sensations?

Gerry, “My triggers and experiences are fairly traditional in that I enjoy relaxing to unintentional ASMR triggers such as Bob Ross, people slowly discussing specific actions and lip smacking etc.

I tend to use it to help me drift off to sleep and relax at the end of the day.”

What inspired you to produce a podcast which features ASMR artists?

Gerry, “I am a huge fan of audio, the spoken word and the specifically the podcast medium, and I am rarely to be found without headphones in my ears or listening to a podcast on a portable speaker.  So as someone who enjoys, and experiences ASMR, I went looking for ASMR.

Having noted that there was not a huge amount of this type of content available it seemed natural to bring both passions together and produce the podcast.”

Is this the first podcast program you have created?

Gerry, “No. I have also been involved in the production of a TV show review podcast, a politics interview podcast and a podcast focused on cartoonists.”

What challenges have you had so far with producing The ASMR Podcast?

Gerry, “I have been very lucky so far in that the ASMR community is very approachable and full of artists who do great work and have a real passion for the content that they produce.  I suppose the only real challenge is perhaps the established nature of ASMR being dominated by video, although many artists and listeners are aware of the potential of audio only work.”

What tips would you have for others interested in starting a podcast?

Gerry, “If it is an ASMR podcast speak to us! For podcasting in general – just go for it.  There are plenty of resources on Youtube and blogs that you can get great info from and don’t stress too much at the beginning on equipment etc.  Don’t spend a fortune at the outset (you could certainly get up and running for under $200) as you can always add gear as you work out what and why you need certain things.”

What upcoming artists or shows might listeners expect to hear in the near future?

Gerry, “We are speaking to a number of artists at the moment as we look to continue to support the community and offer a diverse range of content that will hopefully offer something for everyone.

Any established or existing artists are more than welcome to get in touch to discuss how we can work with them.”

Will listeners be hearing your voice on any future episodes?

Gerry, “Ha! Maybe. I am toying with idea and may experiment a little over the coming weeks.”

What is your long term vision for The ASMR Podcast?

Gerry, “To develop it into a supportive and creative platform where we can promote, establish and grow ASMR artists from around the world.

I would also like the ASMR Podcast to play its part in helping to connect with listeners who had no idea that such a community existed and that the phenomenon that they experience is something that can be shared and discussed.”

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Click HERE to visit the website for The ASMR Podcast

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