Composing ASMR-inducing music

Follow the journey of William Halimou, as he chronicles his process of composing ASMR-inducing music.

Click HERE to read about his research paper on music-induced chills.

Click HERE to access his ASMR Music Blog.

Click HERE to access his SoundCloud page (link will be active when page is ready)

You can share your thoughts about his journey as an ASMR artist and musician by scrolling to the comments area at the bottom of this page.

2 thoughts on “Composing ASMR-inducing music

  1. I am very interested in combining music with ASMR because I have been listening to music and certain sounds in the music and voices since I was a child and still do, which correspond to what you said on your home page. I find a tremendous release when listening to music and certain sounds. I definitely get the chills from music and certain sounds starting in the crown of my head down through my head, neck into my spine and sometimes the entire body. The sense is euphoric, peaceful, relaxing and very beautiful. I feel at home when dancing and listening to this music and extreme comfort and enjoyment and love. I find that high pitched music frequencies and spiritual voices like B-tribe, Enigma, Govi (guitar), Esperanza (guitar) etc. stimulate those feelings.


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