Meet AndreawhisperingASMR, the ASMRtist on YouTube who wrote her B.A. thesis on ASMR and advertising

Andrea Rovira lives in Spain and has recently graduated from the Istituto Europeo Design in Italy with a BA in Fashion, Marketing, & Communication.

Andrea has also been creating ASMR videos for her YouTube channel, AndreawhisperingASMR, since September, 2019.  She has created about 100 ASMR videos so far and has grown her channel to have over 41,000 followers.

Additionally, Andrea has recently completed her undergraduate dissertation titled, “The Role of ASMR in Future Advertising.”  Her dissertation is the best organized and most visually appealing one I have ever seen – a true testament to her natural skills and the knowledge acquired from her Marketing and Communication training.

I interviewed Andrea and she shared her most challenging aspects of creating ASMR videos, her tips for new artists creating ASMR videos, and the curious things she discovered while writing her thesis about ASMR and advertising.

Below are my questions in bold, her replies in italics, and a link to her ASMR YouTube Channel, as well as, a link to her complete dissertation.

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