ASMR Research needs your support

It is likely that ASMR has health benefits for people struggling with stress, poor sleep, low moods, and other conditions.

Perhaps you have benefited from ASMR and wonder why more health professionals aren’t advocating ASMR to their clients and patients?

The answer is simple.  Health professionals are waiting for more research studies about ASMR to be published and you can help.  Even though you may not be a researcher, you can help to accelerate ASMR research by supporting it.

You may have heard that ASMR can reduce your heart rate.  This groundbreaking research was done by Dr. Giulia Poerio and her team at the University of Essex, UK – providing the first direct physiological evidence of the relaxing effects of ASMR.

Now, Dr. Poerio and her team want to establish an  ASMR network of scientists, experts, and the ASMR community.  This project will create a prioritized list of ASMR research questions that will drive future core research about the biology and health effects of ASMR.

Establishing this ASMR Network does require a small foundation of financial support to get it going, and you can help.

Ready to help? Jump right to this site to learn more, watch a video from Dr. Poerio, and/or donate:

Or, keep reading for a personal message from Dr. Poerio.

***A request for support for ASMR Research from Dr. Giulia Poerio***

Shaping the future of ASMR research – can you help?

Over the past five years, ASMR research has grown steadily, thanks in no small part to the contribution of websites like ASMR University, and the enthusiasm of the ASMR community who generously participate in studies. Despite the progress we’ve made in understanding ASMR there’s still so much more to discover.

We’re asking for your help to speed up collaborative research efforts into ASMR and getting involved in shaping the future of ASMR research!

So far, only small groups of researchers have been investigating ASMR. We believe that to really advance and accelerate ASMR research we need to work together as researchers and involve the ASMR community too. Our goal is to define a new research agenda, and establish a global and inclusive ASMR research network (ASMRNet). We’re asking for the help of the ASMR community to make our goal a reality.

We plan to run a ‘Delphi study’, which is an established method of converging the views of different groups, in order to make a research agenda everyone can contribute to and agree on. Traditional funding routes for ASMR research have proved difficult – probably because ASMR isn’t well known or understood yet!

So we’re now hoping to crowdfund £4,347 (about $5600) to cover the costs of running a successful Delphi study and creating a long term functional website.

We want the ASMR community involved right from the start, helping set the research agenda: What questions would you like answered about ASMR? What do you think we should be researching?

Anyone who donates £10 or more will be able to contribute to the Delphi study and submit research questions for inclusion in the process. All the money raised will go directly to funding ASMR research and our team members aren’t taking any fees.

Our network will create a new ASMR research agenda leading to a prioritised list of ASMR research questions to drive future research collaboration. For example:

  • Why do some people get ASMR but others do not?
  • What causes ASMR?
  • Can ASMR be used to improve mental health?

Our research network will help to pool and grow limited resources, facilitate collaborative and efficient research, and ultimately make new and important scientific discoveries on ASMR happen faster.

We can’t make this happen without the support and generosity of individuals – so if you could help with a pledge or by spreading the word about what we’re doing then we would so appreciate it!

For more information, and to donate, the link is here:

Please also follow our account on twitter (@ASMR_Net) and Instagram (

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Learn more about ASMR:

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