ASMR and plant-based products to help with sleep

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityPeople often stumble across ASMR when searching for natural methods and products to help them sleep.

And on the flip side, some people who have temporarily lost their ability to experience ASMR or do not experience ASMR may seek out other natural methods and products to help them sleep.

One popular category of natural sleep products is ‘plant-based products’, which also may be referred to as ‘nutraceutical sleep therapeutics’, or ‘herbal sleep supplements’.

I recently came across a very well written review article on nutraceutical sleep therapeutics and I wanted to share it (a link to the article is provided below).

The products covered in the article include L-tryptophan, chamomile, cherries, kava kava, valerian, and marijuana.

The review article is published in the journal, “Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.” and does a superb job of summarizing the following for each product:

  • common use, history, and source
  • potential or known mechanism of action
  • quality and quantity of published studies
  • safety, potential side effects and adverse events

I highly recommend this article if you use any of these products, are considering using any of these products, or are interested in learning more about these products.

In short, the article offers general support for these products which may be helpful for those struggling with sleep issues,

“…there is a spectrum of evidence to support their use.  With few exceptions, a general theme with these agents is that there are historical and anecdotal reports of sleep benefit…”

But the article also points out the weaknesses of the research,

“…but the science falls significantly short of class IA evidence.  In fact, some of the agents have essentially no published data at all to support their use…”

They appropriately conclude their article by highlighting that the next important step for these products is the allocation of more funds to support additional research.

This is very similar to the current state of ASMR research, but ASMR research is much further behind due to even less research, fewer publications, and less funding.

Sleep disorders are a huge problem in many countries and the more research and funding which can be invested into potential therapeutics like ASMR, plant-based products, and/or other options will provide global benefits.

Click HERE to read the review article titled, “Updates on Nutraceutical Sleep Therapeutics and Investigational Research”

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