Voices of ASMR: Project launch (podcast episode #4)

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian ResponseI have launched a new project called, ‘Voices of ASMR’.

It will be a diverse collection of ASMR experiences submitted by visitors to my website and by listeners to my podcast.

The project is a way for individuals to share their ASMR experiences with the world, and it is a way for the world to explore the ASMR experiences of others.

I believe that having an organized repository of the ASMR experiences and testimonials from many individuals will be helpful to those whom are:

  • learning about ASMR for the first time
  • curious to know how others experience ASMR
  • writing articles or papers about ASMR
  • creating research projects about ASMR

I’m launching the project with 12 initial questions.  Individuals who experience ASMR can submit their specific answers to any or all of the questions.

Here are the 12 initial questions:

  • What does ASMR feel like to you?
  • At what ages have you experienced ASMR?
  • What triggers ASMR for you in the real world?
  • What triggers ASMR for you while watching a video?
  • Can you trigger ASMR on command?
  • Is ASMR a sexual feeling for you?
  • Has your ability to experience ASMR ever gone away?
  • Does ASMR help you to fall asleep?
  • Does ASMR help you with stress?
  • Does ASMR help you with a down mood?
  • Does ASMR help you to focus on a task?
  • How else is ASMR helpful or useful to you?

I may also quote some of the answers to these questions in future blog articles and future podcast episodes.

Click the link below to visit the Voices of ASMR project page and to share your answers to any of the 12 questions:

Click the play button below to hear more about the inspiration and details of the Voices of ASMR project:


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