ASMR video smackdown: Bubbles vs Calligraphy

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response UniversityI’m not really sure what a “smackdown” is, it just seemed like a good fit in the title.

It is probably bad form to use terms that are not in my wheelhouse.

Heck, I’m not really sure what a wheelhouse is either.  Or if I have one.

Vocabulary insecurities aside, we have an ASMR video smackdown to get to.

I have selected these two videos because they both may fall into the “unintentional” ASMR video category.  This means that the videos may not have been specifically created to trigger ASMR.

Although I do think both were created to induce relaxation, so maybe they fall into a “semi-intentional” ASMR category?

Anyway, let’s get to the first contender.  Video #1 is about bubbles.

In this video two guys go out into a field with a large bubble-wand and some bubble juice…and…you guessed it, make bubbles.

The video starts out “normal”, you get to watch two guys spending a warm summer day the way most guys do, dancing around in a field and making humongous bubbles.

OK, maybe not most guys.  But perhaps more guys should.

Watching large bubbles get created and float around is pretty cool, but that is not the point of the video.

The second half of the video is when the real magic happens.

The two guys slow the cameras waaaaay down, and then you get to see the bubbles slooooowly pop.

All set to deliciously, relaxing, ethereal music.

The guys that made the video are called The Slo Mo Guys, so they know what they are doing.

And now for the other contender.  Video #2 is about calligraphy.

The video is titled, “Custom Namiki Falcon Resin Fountain Pen HD”.

This is not just a video about any calligraphy pen, this is a video about a fahncy-fahncy calligraphy pen.

So you may be surprised how the fahncy-fahncy pen is handled in the first 30 seconds.  It is initially uncapped and dissected like it is the worst birthday gift ever.

I guess this is how fahncy-fahncy pen videos normally start(?).  I dunno.

But then the pen and paper have a meet cute.  And the scritch, scritch, scritch starts.

And the flowing elegance of the calligraphy begins.  Expertly done with magical precision.

The fahncy-fahncy pen makes me have a fuhzy-fuhzy brain.

Go ahead and watch both videos and vote for your winner of my first ASMR video smackdown.

And also use these videos as inspirations for your future ASMR videos, what ASMR triggers could you record to have your videos stand out from the crowd?

Be creative.  Be different.  Be daring.  Use your fahncy-fahncy pen and write outside the bubble.

Click HERE to see the bubbles video.

Click HERE to see the calligraphy video.

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